Rise of Hitler by:arthur ezra

November 8,1923 Adolf Hitler was charge for high treason after he went to jail and come back. He came back more determined than before. even after his conviction. And around the 1920,s Germany was in midst's of crisis because of the humiliating defeat of Germany in world war 1 .

Hitler belief that he was chosen to save Germany he was more determined to save the German people.but he was even more determined tom kill all of the Jew people because he blame them about everything bad that happen. he hated them so much that he even hate himself because his grandfather was a German. he raised to power because the people of Germany belief that he was going to save them because so many of the German people was suffering from world war 1. after world war 1 the treaty of Versailles affected the German people because millions of people lost jobs and it take most of Germany's power away.

he ruled Germany from 1934 to 1945 he was fighting against Russia when he died he was defeated by Joseph Stalin another ruthless ruler .


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