Will Reddin - wreddin20 Section T/TH 11:00 Journey Log #4 Warrior Creativity & Persistence

This week in class we started the week off with a focus in Minecraft. I enjoyed this part of the class as I have logged many hours on the game in the past. I already knew how to play the game and build, so this felt more like I was having fun than doing a homework assignment. For our assignment we were to build a 4x4x4 structure. I got a little bit carried away and ended up building a full scale house. I spent over an hour on the house, but I think I could have done it faster with an Xbox controller. Minecraft requires a TON of creativity. The whole game is about creating things so why would you not need creativity? In addition to creativity, Minecraft requires persistence as it is easy just to give up when, for example, you cannot find the right materials, but you must push on in order to create anything interesting. I look forward to upcoming assignments in minecraft and I am seriously thinking about changing my class from warrior to builder as minecraft comes very easy to me.

On Thursday, we turned in “For Your Audience (Rhetorically Speaking)” where we were given 5 facts about a murder and had to prepare a police report, a coroner’s report, a eulogy, and a closing statement about the murder. I enjoyed this activity as it was fairly open ended. We could be creative with the task and create whatever kind of murder we wanted (with some guidelines). This taught us to write in different styles as a police report is very different from a coroner’s report or a eulogy. This assignment shows how there are many different styles of writing for a reason: to distinguish between different accounts. A eulogy cannot be written like a police report, because they are written for very different purposes. A police report is a retelling of what happened, where a eulogy is more emotional and personal and for this reason the two must be written differently.

During class this week we did not talk about Minecraft as much as we did talk about research. Research, however, requires similar traits as Minecraft. Although creativity is needed when doing research, the real similarity is that of persistence. When researching, or playing Minecraft, persistence is absolutely necessary. Research can be very boring, but like Minecraft, you must be persistent to accomplish your goals. We had a few readings that had to do with research, writing, and outlining as well. The readings taught us that it is ok and usually very helpful to write and rewrite. One reading talked about how F. Scott Fitzgerald did this with The Great Gatsby and how it was not nearly the masterpiece it is today when he first wrote it, but he rewrote and created a great book. In addition to the readings and our conversations in class about research, we also watched a few of John Oliver’s videos which talked about news and how fake news can come up. He talked about how one person can say something or post something on the internet and people will automatically think that it is true. Oliver shows how Donald Trump does this from time to time and gets some of his information from unreliable sources such as blogs or talk shows. He shows that not everything on the internet or on TV is true and that a lot of what is out there is actually just speculation or opinion. We must find academic, reliable sources. This will hopefully help us to filter through our sources and find the ones that are important and useful.


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