Coach V's Cottage Created by the allmighty creator defne

At the Start of this Project We Were Given a few Simple Instructions

One: Create a Cottage for Coach V that is no more than 100sqm

Two: Find the Surface Area, Volume and multiple other measurements of the cottage

Three: Be as creative as you like.

So I embraced these rules. Thought outside of the 10 by 10 box. And thought up a cottage. I'm not saying its the best. I'm just saying that you should give it a glance, and not just because you have to.


Sorry for any low quality pictures

Birds Eye View of the House

Front, Back, and Sides View

The Roof(s)

Writings on the Plans

Seeing as though the roof(s) are pyramids, as a matter of perspective I decided not to include them in my side views.

Once the blueprints were finished our next task was to "bring them to life" by using TinkerCad. The actual dimensions were to be multiplied by 8 (in my case), to be visible through TinkerCad, and the cottage is blue respectively to match your color choices.

General View of the House

Birds Eye View with Roof

Bird's Eye View Without Roof

Living Room, Bathroom and Master Bedroom Side View

Kitchen, Dining Room/Lounge, Guest Bedroom Side View

Back View of the Cottage

The Cottage Looks Creepy due to the fact that the Cottage Needed to be Selected to See the Windows

Front View of the Cottage


Of course like any cottage it will have to cost, and this is no exception. The costs we had to calculate include the cost of the paint, the cost of the shingles, and the cost of the heating for 3 months.

Cost of Paint
Cost of Heating and Cost of Shingles

The final costs are: 1,620€ for the shingles, 2,349€ for 3 months of heating and 80€ for 4 cans of paint. Resulting in a final 4,049€ for these three elements of the house. The benefits of choosing this house include having TWO porches, a kitchen island (this idea was not stolen from Mr. Ferguson), Floor to ceiling windows. An high ceiling with long lasting light bulbs and a large Master on Main.

Thank You


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