At Ten Ten, our vision is to help children, teachers, parents and whole school communities to "live life to the full" because Jesus said:

"I have come that they may life, life to the full." John 10:10

One of the ways we do this is by producing high-quality, media-rich resources for schools.

We are uniquely placed to do this because for the past 10 years, we have been working with a wide-range of creative people (actors, writers, facilitators and teachers) who are committed to their Christian faith and want to communicate this in creative ways.

By using Ten Ten Resources, you have the opportunity to tap into, use and be inspired by all of this faith-filled creativity.

UK-based Catholic primary schools

Currently, our principle market is Catholic primary schools in the UK. However, these resources can be successfully utilised in other territories and by other Christian-faith schools.

The Five Strands of Ten Ten Resources are:

1. Weekly Assemblies
2. Daily Classroom Prayer
3. Links to Home
4. Staff Enrichment
5. Other Resources

Free Resources At the bottom of this page, you will have the opportunity to access a whole week's worth of free resources which you can use in your assemblies, classroom, staffroom and with your parents. You can choose any week to use the free resources so that it links directly to the current Sunday Gospel.

#1 Weekly Assemblies

Ten Ten Resources: Primary Schools provides a new assembly for every week of the school year, inspired by the Sunday Gospel readings.

We have a team of creative writers who spend time thinking and praying about the Gospels, supported by strong catechesis, to ensure that we are offering you well-rooted teaching that is not only accessible to children, but also highly-engaging.

  • Gospel-rooted. Our assemblies will help you to bring the Gospel alive for your children.
  • Media-rich content.¬†Short films, music tracks, activities, differentiated questions, teaching input, re-enactments of the Gospels, pupil-involvement and a wide range of reflection and prayer resources are all included.
  • Easy-to-use. Each assembly is accompanied by a teacher script, PowerPoint and any additional resources required for that particular presentation.
  • Differentiated content. Designed to work with children of all ages between 4 and 11.
  • 10-minute assemblies. Short, compact assemblies with a clear journey leading to prayer and reflection.

Typical assemblies:

Advantages of Assemblies

  • Saves you time. We hear "You've given me my Sundays back" all of the time!
  • Helps you to interpret the Gospels in an age-appropriate way for your children.
  • One download gives you everything! No need to go online to source or stream content. Everything is contained in the folder we provide.
  • Make it your own - use our content as inspiration to create your own dynamic assemblies.
  • Engage your children in assemblies in a whole new way.


#2 Daily Classroom Prayers

The second strand of Ten Ten Resources: Primary Schools is the supply of Daily Classroom Prayers for every day of the school year.

  • Responding to Need. We know that some teachers working in primary schools sometimes lack a little confidence in leading class prayers for very many reasons, and we also know that many teachers would relish the opportunity to access simple and creative resources to help them. That's where we can help.
  • Prayerful. The Daily Classroom Prayers are designed to be short, creative, prayerful and varied, thus ensuring that the children never get bored week after week. We also provide guidance on how to differentiate the content between Key Stage One and Key Stage Two.
  • Music, images and other multimedia. All of the material is contained within the download, including reflective music tracks, PowerPoint slides (when used), guidance notes for teachers and roles for children to play as Child Prayer Leaders.
  • Easy to lead. Our writers are trained to create Daily Classroom Prayers which can be led with very little or no preparation.
  • Easy access. As a subscribing school, every member of staff is given their own unique login and password which gives them access to download the daily classroom prayers.
  • Communication. Every Wednesday, your class teacher will receive a weekly email outlining the simple instructions for the Daily Classroom Prayer the following week.

Typical Daily Classroom Prayers:

Advantages of Daily Classroom Prayers

  • Inclusive - every class teacher, irrespective of faith background or experience, can lead the prayers.
  • Varied - introduces children to a wide variety of prayer styles.
  • Child-led - many prayers offer opportunties for prayers to be led by Child Prayer Leaders.
  • One download - a whole week of prayers provided in a single download.
  • Linked to the Gospels and assembly resources.
  • Differentiated content for Key Stages One and Two
  • Nurtures the spiritual dimension of your entire school community.


#3 Links to Home

As a Catholic organisation, Ten Ten is committed to the supporting parents as the primary educators of their children. Therefore, we provide schools with resources to help communicate to parents about the assemblies in school

  • Monthly newsletters. "Life to the Full" is a monthly newsletter which communicates to parents what their children have been or will be learning about in the assemblies.
  • Inclusive, easy-to-read and helpful. Our newsletters meet parents where they are at, helping them to discuss with their children what they have been experiencing in school.
  • Different delivery options. "Life to the Full" can be sent home as PDF attachment to an email, as a print-out, or the content can be incorporated in your regular school newsletters.

A Typical Parent Newsletter:


#4 Staff Enrichment

Throughout all of our resources, we are committed to supporting the professional development of teachers as well as providing enriching content for all school staff members.

Typical content includes:

  • Weekly Staffroom Prayers
  • INSET training on using Ten Ten Resources
  • Online training for specific resources
  • Enrichment videos (for example, on vocation)

Sample Staff Enrichment


#5 Other Resources

We produce many other resources that don't fit into any of the categories above. Our aim is to be responsive to need. So, for example, if a number of schools request a certain resource, then we will create it.

Typical 'other resources' so far have includes:

  • Rosary - guidance on praying the rosary in the month of October.
  • Lent Reflections - a child-friendly service on the Stations of the Cross using "sculpture mime".
  • Gifts from our partner charities, such as Mission rosary beads from our friends at Mission Together.
  • One-off resources responding to national and international events.

Sample of Other Resources:

Future Development

Ten Ten Resources will also be the home of our brand new development: an RSE programme (Relationship and Sex Education) for Catholic primary schools.

Access Free Resources

We would love you to use a complete weekly set of Ten Ten Resources free-of-charge. Your package will include a set of resources that link directly to the Gospel for the week. In order to access your set of resources, decide when you would like to use them. Please allow at least one week in advance to give us time to prepare your package, and to give you time to review the content before delivering your assembly, daily prayers, staffroom prayers and links to home.


Thank you for taking time to look at our resources and consider taking out a subscription to Ten Ten Resources: Primary Schools.

If you would like to read about our fee structure, please follow this link:

If you would like to read what other schools say about Ten Ten Resources please click here:

We hope that our resources support you, your staff and parents, and most importantly, help your children to "live life to the full."

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