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‘Create Reality’ is more than just a name, it’s a brand; a philosophy and a way of life for Diesel, born Charles Antoni Wright on February 16th, 1994 in Wooster, Ohio. As a visionary artist, Chuck Die$el continues to make powerful statements through his many creative endeavors which include, music, acting, photography and graphic design. At the core of his being is music. Music was the bedrock of Chuck's youth as he began to find his voice through lyricism. With inspiration from major artists such as Eminem, Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Isaiah Rashad, and Mac Miller, he crafted his unique sound with the ability to make anyone vibe to it. His music is universal. Die$el has committed much of his time to perfecting his artistry and releasing EPs such as Adolescent Nights, Summer Sessions, and #TrapDiesel


An individual that prefers to do things by their self. They work best alone. Someone who doesn’t care for having cooperation from others and often sees things different from the crowd norm. The Lone Wolf once belonged to a pack and could decide to walk with the group, but yet finds it easier to take care of themselves without social interaction. A person that lives for a goal in life, that gets the job done without looking at anyone for help performing the impossible by themselves. A one man army.

Tacoma, WA-based rapper Chuck Die$el presents the Chase Fade-directed music video "Living Lavish", the Jacky Clouds-produced new single from Die$el's forthcoming EP Love Wolf. Hailing from Ohio, Chuck has been spreading his 'Create Reality' philosophy through his previous EPs Adolescent Nights, Summer Sessions, and #TrapDiesel , and previous videos i "Sleazee"and "Homerun" This song is a feel good bop," Chuck says about the single. "I woke up feeling good and started singing to myself on the way to work. It reminds me of a summer day in the sun and having fun.”

Banging beats, airy vocals, and compact compound bars. Seems the Lone Wolf has done it again delivering this crispy visual as a follow up to Living Lavish. This song adds another layer to the artistry we've seen from the artist and is a nice showcase of versatility. Shot in downtown Seattle, its clear that the grit is still there and gives us a soft grunge feel in this video that even Cobain would be proud to see. Shot by Washingtons own @cvtydreamer on Instagram.

Ohio native born rapper Chuck Die$el provides some lush and lavish green waterfall visuals for the chill nod along. The song features calm lush sounds with a steady smooth flow from the artist. The perfect little melody for a long drive. The video was shot at Sweet Creek Waterfalls in Oregon.


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