Coach V's Wonderful Cottage By Martina Reynaud

My design for Coach V's house includes:- Bird eye blueprint, Side and front ways blueprint ( all Blueprints include dimensions), a house model and calculation for the cost of Heating Bill, Shingles and paint. I choose to make a house that measures 84 m squared because I think it's the best space for this design. My design has a lot of rooms, which are:- The living room, Kitchen, Dining room, Sitting room, 1 master bedroom, 1 normal bedroom, guest bedroom/play room, 3 bathrooms, a storage room and a small bedroom for a smaller child that can eventually be a closet room.


Bird's eye blueprint
Front and Side blueprint
House model (Multiple sides)
House model:- Front and back
House model:- Right and Left side
House model:- Top with and without roof
Cost for paint calculations:- SA=76.63 m squared
Shingles and Heating bill cost calculations:- V=210 m cubed

In conclusion, Coach V will have to buy 2 cans of paint which will cost him 40€. Additionally he will need 5 bundles of shingles, at a price of 450€. Finally the heating for the whole house excluded the attic, is 315€ par moth, which means that during the winter months, he will have to pay 945€. Thank you for your attention.

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