Northwestern Wildcats

The border states of Illinois are Iowa, Wisconsin, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri. My college is The Northwestern University, Evanston. Our state capital is Springfield. The time zone is Central time. The state bird, flower, and the nickname is The Northern cardinal, the Violet, and The Prairie state. The three state attractions are the Navy pier, The Starved Rocks state park, Art institute of Chicago. The three famous people of mr state are Abraham Lincon, president, Ai, poet, James Agee, writer. My college mascot is Willie the Wildcat. My players name is Vic Law hometown is south Holly Land, 3, he'sa Freshmen, height 6-7, weighs 205.Go! U Northwestern!

Break right through that line.

With our colors flying,

We will cheer you all the time.

U! Rah! Rah!

Go! U Northwestern!

Fight for victory.

Spread far the fame of our fair name.

Go Northwestern, win that game!


(Yell) Go! Northwestern Go!


(Yell) Go! Northwestern Go!

Hit 'em hard!

Hit 'em low!

Go, Northwestern Go!

(Repeat chorus.)

Wildcat Growl

Created By
Alex Davis


Created with images by Mr ATM - "Basketball-039"

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