What is the Good Life? A Tour of The Harn By: Kayleigh Ratashak

Medium of the art and technique of the artist

The medium of this work and the artist’s technique really stuck out to me in these pieces because I thought it was interesting how he incorporated art and music into one piece. In my opinion, the artist is trying to communicate his passion for self-expression and the arts, which includes both physical art and music. These pieces were in a wing of the museum dedicated to Latino culture. This artwork made me feel a little frightened or spooked because the paintings depicted with the music are eerie and dark.

Design of the museum

Although there were many exhibits in the Harn that I enjoyed, the Elusive Spirits African culture exhibit was beautifully designed, colorful, and very eye catching. There was also an outdoor garden space that featured and African sculpture, which reveals how nature plays an important role in African culture. Many of the pieces were made of simple resources like wood, beads, straw, and cloth. The artwork was mostly brightly colored, and everything was so intricately designed. I enjoyed the layout of the brightly colored artwork next to the darker, clay colored sculptures. The African exhibit made me feel happy and like I was back to a simpler time. Overall, this exhibit was very light in nature and the artwork was spaced neatly so that it was easy to walk around and take everything in without being overwhelmed.

Art and core values

This exhibit was by far my favorite. It was based off the 80s movement "Guerrilla Girls" which was a feminist movement calling out the sexist world of art. Up until recently, women were considerably under represented in the art community. The artwork in this exhibit displays the amazing artwork from all female artists from around the world. This really spoke to me because as a modern day woman, many of the issues addressed through the artwork are very relevant to today's equal rights and treatment of minorities and women. One of my core beliefs is that everyone should have equal representation in society and that universal tolerance and acceptance is crucial to living in a well working and happy society. Especially with the most recent election, I believe that an exhibit such as the Guerrilla Girls exhibit is a creative way to speak out and raise awareness towards this very crucial issue.

art and the good life

This "Fancy Dress" costume is a good representation of what the good life is for the people of Ghana because it is worn in festivals and celebrations. It is never re worn, and is a symbol of joy and celebration. I believe that this particular costume and artwork embodies the sense of community and diversity that the people of Ghana hold as a value. Also, the colorful patterns and various designs and materials can symbolize the importance of diversity in the society. This diversity and sense of community reveals a sense of what the good life is to these people.

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