Emperors By: Anjulina st.clair

Emperors ''had a lot'' of power but not really because even though Emperors were at the top of the pyramid they had no real power, especially no real power politically.
Emperors task or job was mostly the Shoguns speaker, even though Shoguns were in the second part of the social pyramid. A Shogun looks like the picture above.

Emperor's "had" most of the power over "everything". But had no real political power.

Emperor's didn't actually have a role in the government.

Emperor's were just a figurehead for the Shogun's, because Shogun's were powerful military leaders that actually had all power especially politically.


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Created with images by ralphrepo - "Ulysses S. Grant & Li Hung Chang, Tientsin, China [1879] Attribution Unk [RESTORED]"

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