Haley's portfolio As I enter my 2nd year for photography, I've come to the realization that I enjoy taking still and portrait style photos. My go-to style is black and white as it emphasizes the emotional draw towards the photo with a deeper connection. Additionally with the contrast between the visual it helps capturing other aspects such as the composition, that you may stray away from in a colored image.

1. "Clarity"
3. Street Photography
5. Headshot
6. Compositional Point (POV)
" Our Generation "

The goal of this project was to capture my generation (Generation Z). In the picture above you can see the subject (Hanbin) focused in on his phone rather than all the books in the library. My generation has grown to fully rely on our phones/electronics for information rather than resources we are given everyday. In addition, you can see a ghostlike figure floating about Hanbin representing the past generations and how they are leaving their ways in the hands of my generation. Is Generation Z going to change and build in a positive way from their bad habits? " Where Do We Go From Here. "

HDR Shoot
Ann Arbor ft. Ragstock
Melanies QuinceaƱera Shoot
Melanies QuinceaƱera Shoot
Disney Adventures
Disney Adventures
Disney Adventures
Selfie Portrait
The Process

From the beginning my thought for this shoot specifically was to capture Maggie after she had finished get ready. It came to me that what if I had done a before and after? Capturing a shot from a POV in front can tend to make the photo look flat so I took a different approach. In addition, the final product was meant to have a dramatical effect hence why the B&W filter.

Street Photography

When you think of street photography you usually imagine people in it. With these selected few images I wanted to challenge the idea and tell the story of the buildings. With doing so, you can see that the buildings have seen better days, and it was once a asylum over packed.