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Participants will be able to Distinguish m-learning from other learning types. State which learning theories can be applied to m-learning. List advantages and possible problems found in m-learning. Name and use apps that are used for m-learning. State which learning principles can be applied to m-learning http://home.umltta.org/home/theories/25p. Provide examples of applying the learning principles to m-learning. Describe student differences that may affect their success using m-learning. Develop an evaluation plan that includes the use of mobile devices. Develop a lesson plan that includes the use of mobile devices.

Students in the Blended Learning course will be able to do the following. List the attributes of blended learning. Describe different approaches used for blended learning. Compare the roles of teachers and the roles of students in blended learning. Compare different blended learning approaches. Contrast face-to-face discussions and online discussions. Produce a lesson plan for a higher ed course using blended learning. Role play the use different blended learning. List the core attributes of Blended Learning. Apply learning theories to the core attributes of Blended Learning. Justify the use of Blended Learning in Higher Education

How to for Moblie Learning Design

Use a script, keep it short, consider the learners, consider the environment, ENGAGE.

Useful Tools and Resources

Bloom's Taxonomy and Computer Applications. These apps were chosen for their abilities to be used for different levels of Bloom's taxonomy of cognitive levels of learning. Tools such as these can be used both in m-Learning and Blended Learning.

Blooms Taxonomy using various mobile apps

Spanish Verbs Used for Writing Learning Objectives according to Blooms Taxonomy

Spanish Verbs

How do you use your mobile phone? How do your students use theirs?


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