Book day: The book of Nâm / 2 October / 19:00 CET F E S T I V A L / 2 0 2 1

Ready for a Quantum Leap in your Perception?

Yoginâm, a remarkable human being, expresses an ancient voice re-emerging. He refers to it as Nâm, the affirmation of the fullness of living. In an attitude of allowing life to take care of itself, leaving us in Awe and Wonder.

We are living in a remarkable Age. It has become natural for us to think virtually, we are able to be the object of our own investigation. We experience sharing in a wider whole, which we cannot know, but we can acknowledge it and work with it, like an internet.

We understand we are not fixed particles, but beings of energy, ever evolving in infinite potentiality. We are resonance.

Yoginâm’s preferred mode of communication is by the refined sounds of the Harp, close to the silence of sound. In his writings, he uses a play of words and phrases to invite for a way of seeing that opens to awareness. We will open his most recently completed work The Book of Nâm. Here Yoginam unveils the Red Thread, which expresses in living,

‘’An All-ness-of-All; an all-embracing. That nothing can describe or grasp. One cannot communicate with All-ness-of-All. It is an essence of all the aspects of living. Whether one is conscious of them or not. One can only be in Attunement or in Discordance. When in discordance one ignores All-ness-of-All. Peaceful Acknowledgement to ‘What Is’. Without a need to restrict ‘What Is’ to. The boundaries of human understanding. Is the Affirmation of Nâm. With the single endeavour to purify living. From the tendencies of Discordance. And transform them into the bliss of Attunement’’.

A contemporary philosopher has stated that the 21st Century will be a spiritual century, or it may be no century at all.

Yoginâm suggests that it is our universal task of living to return to awareness and attune our living to its transcendental nature, and to do so for the well-being of humankind.

We will aim to highlight some features of the The Book of Nâm and explore how these may affect the practice of living. How can these tools be of service to you?

Left photo: Hubertus and Right photo: Leon

Hubertus is a philosopher and Leon an anthropologist, who have studied the life and work of Yoginâm for nearly three decades, including by being in close contact with him. They have provided lectures and courses about his work on many occasions.


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