American Revolution as Part of a Larger War

Americans like to think they fought on, and on, and on to victory over Britain. This is the American story of the American Revolution.

There is another story involving the American Revolution. It is a story tied to world history. The American Revolution started a war. In time, that war becomes a major world war. Britain finds itself fighting every kingdom in Europe.

Earlier, the British had defeated the French in the Seven Years War. That war involved all the kingdoms of Europe. When it was over, Britain was the big winner. In time, it became clear Britain is the only winner. The British become big headed over their victory. They become nasty. They are hated by all the other kingdoms. Everyone is looking for a way to take Britain down. The American Revolution is that way.

By 1777, Britain is fighting every major kingdom in Europe including France. This is expensive. This is impossible. Britain has a small population. France’s population is 7 times that of Britain. Then add the large populations of other kingdoms. This world war becomes a losing proposition for Britain. It can’t fight everyone. It can’t win the battles needed to end the war. It has no choice. It must sign a peace treaty. That treaty will cost money and imperial land.

The first piece of imperial land lost is the original English colonies. France loves it. Britain will lose the source of its raw materials. It will lose its wealth generating market in North America. Britain will take a real hit in the national wallet. The French couldn’t ask for more they think. The French view it as money well spent to get revenge on Britain. The rest of Europe is happy to see Britain taken down three or four pegs.

The American colonists did a great job of fighting their War of Independence. However, the defeat at Yorktown might not have ended the war. The British might come back with another army. They didn’t because the bigger war is too much for Britain to fight. Britain needed to end all warfare. That needed to happen before things got worse.

American representatives in Paris get a treaty. It recognizes the colonies independence. It gives the United States land westward. The Americans break their deal with France. They are not to sign a separate peace. The Americans do.

Now, Britain is rid of a costly war. Now Britain can fight the European kingdoms for a long time. Now these European kingdoms have to sign a peace treaty with Britain. And that treaty does not allow them to take much from Britain.

There is another result of the American War of Independence. France is rocked by this war. The French King spent money to get revenge of Britain he does not have. He can’t afford the debt he runs up. The French people are exposed to the Declaration of Independence. It says things. It says things about what people who are abused by their government can do. It creates ideas in the minds of many unhappy Frenchmen.

By 1789, these ideas will create a new Revolution. This time it will be in France — The French Revolution.

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