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Mr Myles Hogarty

College Principal

Greetings Parents

We have all learnt one thing very well from the whole COVID 19 experience and that is that man despite all the advances in technology and sciences will always bow to nature.

When science and technology don’t have the immediate answers for us, we have to look for other forms of hope and it is our Catholic and Lasallian faith and tradition that can be our source of optimism and hope.

Our College scriptural theme this year continues to be so relevant during these uncertain times that we face and our young men and their families are encouraged to keep this phrase in their daily prayers: “Stand firm in your Faith, Be Courageous.” 1 Corinthians 16:13

Our phrase is also so relevant as we prepare to return to school on Monday morning. The College can understand that there is uncertainty and anxiousness of parents and their sons with the prospect of returning to school, particularly given there have been positive cases this time in the wider community.

However, there have been no positive cases confirmed with any of our College students or their families.

Fear and anxiety are powerful emotions for our young men to deal with and there will be many chances for our young men to discuss these on their return to school as well as strong Pastoral Care support for them. These two emotions will be the focus at the start of the day on Monday in their extended homeroom time.

The College has made very clear plans for the Health and Safety of our Staff and young men in line with the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education guidelines. These are outlined for you within this newsletter and I ask that you take some time to talk over these with your son so he is well aware of the actions he must take. We have all been in this position of returning to school at Level 2 before and we all coped positively and as expected, with full co-operation.

Our Staff and young men took ownership of the new learning conditions which they worked with at school and I am sure that this has become even more entrenched into their actions as we all return.

I encourage you to contact your son’s homeroom teacher if you have any questions regarding his return to school on Monday.

Sadly some of the events and activities which the College had planned for had to be cancelled and we are cancelling other events deliberately, to have as few interruptions as possible to our classroom learning over the rest of this term and also into term 4. Our young men have lost 10 weeks of face-to-face teaching this year so time in class will be our priority for all year levels.

I would like to thank our College Staff, our young men and parents for the way you have quietly and efficiently gone about online teaching and learning over the last 13 school days. Our young men have shown they have a strong desire to engage and learn and I know they are looking forward to the face-to-face style of learning which I believe they learn best from.

Guidelines for Returning on Monday

  1. Washing of hands - Soap, hot water and paper towels are provided in all College bathrooms. As the boys enter and exit classes, hand sanitiser will be provided. Surfaces will be wiped by Staff after each class. Students are welcome to bring their own personal hand sanitiser.
  2. Social Distancing - While in school the boys will be distanced one metre apart. During morning interval and lunch breaks, students will be actively encouraged to stay two metres apart. At this time, any activity that involve the use of sport ball's will be discouraged and they must not have any physical contact. Students will line up one metre apart prior to entering each classroom and they will be released at spaced one metre intervals at the end of each class to reduce contact with one another. We ask Parents to remind their son that he must not gather at the Rosella Rd shops before or after school. Young men who are not involved in after school sports practices or College tuition classes must go directly home from school.
  3. Heath and Well-being - If your son is showing any signs of sickness, he must stay at home. The College Health Nurses will be on site to check students. The two College Guidance Counsellors will also be available to any student who wishes to see them.
  4. Entering the School - At this time we ask that if parents need to come into the school you must enter via the College main office and sign in at Reception. Please do not go to your son’s classroom. We need to be able to contact trace anyone that enters the school site.
  5. Transport - Buses and trains will operate as usual. Students will be expected to keep the safe social distancing of one metre. They must manage themselves as there will be no College Staff on any bus or train to help manage social distancing. Students travelling on a bus or train should be wearing face masks. If you are dropping your son off at school, please drop him off outside the College gates to avoid traffic jams inside the College grounds.
  6. College Hours - Students are not permitted to be on the College grounds before 8.00am as we cannot provide supervision for them before this time. Students must not be on the College grounds after 4.00pm unless they are involved in supervised Sports practices or Tuition classes.
  7. Lunches / Food - The College tuck shop will be open. We encourage you to provide your son with food, including a drink or water bottle from home for morning tea and lunch and remind him that he must not share food or drink. It is important for him to stay away from local shops as the College Staff cannot monitor social distancing outside the College. No student will be allowed to leave College grounds during school times to go to any local shops.
  8. PPE - Your son does not need to have any Personal Protection Equipment; at Alert Level 2 the Ministry of Health has said that this is not necessary. He may wear a face mask if he feels more comfortable with this protection when returning to school.
  9. Learning Resources - Students will be given their own individual resources. There will be no need to share. Please check that your son has his own correct stationery for his return to school. If your family was provided with a laptop from the College or the Ministry of Education, your son must return the device the day he returns to school so we can check this off. He may be given the device back for use.
  10. Uniform Purchases - Parents wanting to buy Winter uniform for their son can do so at the College Uniform Shop before school from 8.00am-8.35am and at interval from 11.40am-11.55am.
  11. Grooming - All students returning to school and Trades courses are expected to meet the College expectations for hair and grooming as stated in the College Student Handbook. The young men know the expectations very well. They have several days to ready themselves before they return.
  12. Winter Sports - You can play sports that involve close contact, but only if good contact registers, or contact tracing records are maintained for training and games. Make sure you know who you’re training and playing with, in case someone gets sick. No one should train or play if they have symptoms of COVID-19. All of our College Sports coaches will have Team lists so that we know who has attended trainings. Trainings will have to be in groups each of which has no more than 10 players.

deputy principal

Mr Dermot English


There are some circumstances beyond our control around the COVID19 lockdown, such as family members losing jobs, and funerals being held with only 50 people. We can’t control these events, but we can control our response. We have had another 15 days on remote learning, which for many boys is not ideal, but we can control how we respond. I have found I can get many tasks done more quickly as I am not ‘interrupted’ by anyone. For many boys this is an opportunity to be more focused than they are in a classroom.

The problem with this is that if we don’t take the chance to be more focused there can be a sort of down feeling as we realise that we only have ourselves to blame for not being organised, especially for senior boys. Luckily, trying to get rid of that feeling is a good motivator to manage ourselves better. Self-management is a very important Key Competency in the NZ curriculum. It is more important than the number of credits. In the COVID19 future, many more people will have to manage themselves from home in their jobs, so learning how to do this now is a bonus. It's our choice to use this chance to make our future more secure.


Director of Mission - Mr Denis Tutaka

Special Character Wellness Update


Assistant Principal - Mr Phil Doyle

Pacific Learners

The Ministry of Education has developed the Talanoa Ako Pacific Parent programme - Talanoa Ako on Air radio programme and Talanoa Ako Digital App for Pacific learners and their families.

With the digital app for Pacific families, you’ll have access to parent education sessions, which cover things like NCEA, literacy and numeracy, learning pathways, careers and vocational pathways, school reporting and parent interviews, goal setting and time management. It has functionality for people with visual impairment, and interactive audio, and comes in 10 Pacific languages and English.

The Talanoa Ako app follows the previously launched Talanoa Ako radio programme to support Pacific parents with distance learning.

Parents who have missed the radio programme can start their Talanoa Ako journey via the digital app. The app is free to download for Apple and Android phones and tablets.

Download the Talanoa Ako app – App Store

Download the Talanoa Ako app – Google Play Store


Assistant Principal - Mr Elton Charles

How Parents Can Support Their Child Returning To School After Lockdown

After being away from school, it is normal that many young people will be anxious about returning to school.

Here are some ideas on how you can support your child to transition back to school:

  • Speak to your child about how they are feeling about returning to school and try not to make assumptions. Ask them if they are worried or feel scared about anything, but also if they are excited about or looking forward to something. No matter how your child feels, let them know that it is completely normal to feel a mixture of emotions and that everyone will be in the same boat.
  • Offer your child as much information about their new routine and school day as you can. This will help them to prepare for any changes that have been made when they come into contact with others.
  • Assure your child. Talk with your child about ways they can stay safe at school, such as washing their hands before and after eating, and reassure them that the school are putting measures in place to keep them safe.
  • Re-establish a routine to support them into school life. Boys especially react better when they have structure around them. The quicker that this occur, the more settled they will be.
  • Don’t put pressure on yourself. The shift back to school is likely to take some time. Children may experience highs and lows. Try your best to encourage, assure and make them feel at ease, without putting pressure on yourself.
  • Think ahead. As well as reflecting on what has occurred during the past few weeks, it is important to help children develop hope and a sense of enthusiasm for the future. Always try to be positive around your child giving them a sense of hope.
  • Seek support if you need it. Transitioning back to school after being in lockdown is no easy task. The schools pastoral care team is always ready to support you. Please do not hesitate to contact us. Homeroom staff, Deans, Counsellors, Social workers, and Nurses are available to address any of your concerns.

literacy centre: millionaireS club

“Boys Who Read Achieve”

Report by Amanda Chapman, Kristina Ah Ta and Angela Barry

We are pleased to announce that we have two more millionaires in the Literacy Centre’s Millionaires Club.

Congratulations to Jimone Lasalo, 7AND and TJ Emanuela, 8OLI
Jimone Lasalo 7AND and TJ Emanuela 8OLI

TJ is our first Year 8 student to reach a million words this year. This is a great academic achievement and students are acknowledged in a whole school assembly, receiving a certificate and an academic badge. Millionaires also have their named added to the Millionaires Honours Board on display in the Literacy Centre.

Term 2 Lexile Competition

Congratulations to the following students who were the top readers in Term 2.

7AND- Marques Tominiko, Jason Tran, Elijah Wilson, Crenshaw Williams

7KUR- Gideon Aialeo, Ayush Gosai, Kohen Masoe

7STW- Kelesi Filimoehala, Leonidas Mataia, Riley Tulisi-Apelu

8ABR- Dayton Wong

8BOE- Simote Lokotui

8OLI- Elijah Hunt, TJ Emanuela

Congratulations to 7KUR, the winning Year 7 Class and 8OLI, the winning Year 8 class for Term 2.

lasallian volunteers 2021

Are you looking for the opportunity of a lifetime? Want to have a gap year that is meaningful?

Lasallian Volunteers offer long-term placements in communities across Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.

We provide service opportunities for dedicated volunteers within Lasallian schools and communities. Working alongside local staff you will be able to serve those who are in need and share your gifts and talents along the way. Most importantly you will develop relationships with those around you and gain practical skill for life.

Volunteering in our Lasallian programs will offer a world of opportunities for knowledge and personal growth. Whether you're a High School graduate, University student, Principal, Teacher, or anyone who wants to get involved!

Want to make an impact and help support those in need?

By joining the program you can make a difference in the lives of young people, you can be a role model and support young people though service . We provide opportunities for dedicated volunteers within Lasallian schools and communities, in PNG, N.Z and around Australia. Serving in the education and welfare system, volunteers brighten the day of under privileged youth

Want to experience being a Lasallian Volunteer in 2021? Applications close Friday 18 September 2020.

learning during lockdown 2.0

Student work from Xaviah Smith 8BOE

In order to power the car you have to blow in the hole at the back which takes the air from your mouth into the balloon. Once you stop blowing, the air will come back out of the hole and the balloon car will take off – Xaviah Smith 8BOE


De La Salle U19 Premier Team with coaches Jalen and Patrick Isa'ako and manager Ms Marise Judd
De La Salle U19 Premier Team

team spotlight

De La Salle Junior Premier Team

De La Salle Junior Premiere Basketball Team

Mr Mark Skipps

Basketball has become a popular sport here at De La Salle College and because of that, we've managed to make two junior teams. This is an awesome opportunity for our junior boys to represent the College and play a sport they love. Our Junior Premier basketball team is made up of Year 10 students and one Year 8 and they're are led by co-captain's Tyson Isa’ako and Augustino Filipo. With training on Monday's and game day on Thursday's, the Junior Premier basketball team is guided under the watchful eye of our coaches Patrick and Jalen Isa’ako. During preseason, our boys were given an opportunity to sharpen their skills by attending Patrick’s Basketball workshops which he has opened up to our other school basketball teams.

Work as a team, Stay humble in victory and Gracious in defeat

There are two remaining games in the season, and I know the boys will be training hard to win those games to hopefully make the play-offs. So, if you are in the vicinity of Bruce Pulman Arena on a Thursday night, come down and support our team as well as our other College basketball teams.

Big Thank You to Patrick and Jalen Isa’ako for giving up their time and coaching the boys as well as running basketball clinics.

Fight the good fight!

L - R BACK FAR RIGHT: Mr Patrick Isa'ako- Coach, Mr Mark Skipps- Manager; BACK: Jalen Isa'ako- Coach, Benedict Lauofo, Murray Church, Jeshua Maa-Nelson, Tyson Isa'ako, Aute-Jeremiah Neli, David Niko-Toleafoa; FRONT: Saiah Muava'a, Bryan Leumaga, Augustino Filipo, Peseta Fesili; ABSENT: Chisom Ochibulu;


Mr Grant Hobbs- Gateway Co-ordinator

As part of the Gateway programme Nicholas Vili and Soane Johansson took part in a practical and theory based course at Pak N Save in Mangere. Both worked in the Bakery department and did excellent work. Feedback from the staff at Pak N Save was heartwarming and I was very proud of how they managed themselves and of their work ethic.

Nicholas Vili and Soane Johansson, Pak n Save work experience


Senior Students - Return your laptop to school

If you have a laptop please bring it in to school next week. This is for those students who are already BYOD registered as well as those who have borrowed a school device or who have received a MoE device. Being able to access your own device will help with Alert Level 2 requirements and enable you to access work online when devices are at a premium across the school.

If you received a device during this lockdown you can return the laptop to the library. Please make sure to return the power cord as well. Faculty devices will be collected and returned. However, we want you to keep using a device and so a device can be reissued where needed. Priority will be given to Senior students in this situation.

We also want students who received a MoE device from the first lockdown to get in the habit of bringing in those devices to school. We can assist any of you who are still struggling with access and logins by reimaging with a school profile. Students in this situation should again return the device to the library. Again, we want you to keep using a device. A new device can be issued if we have any problems with logins.

We are continuing to look at storage and charging solutions. We should have storage for a limited number of devices in the library by next week. Mr Hogarty has also been looking at ways to provide bags for those of you with MoE devices who want to keep them safe to and from school.

Malo ‘aupito

Mr Phil Doyle

Assistant Principal

If you love Science APPLY NOW (link below), fully paid experience for Year 12 and 13 Māori and Pasifika students

Te Wā Tuku Reo Māori - Māori Language Week: 14-20 September 2020

The Māori Language Moment is coming up and we want 1 million of us speaking, singing and celebrating te reo at the same time. This Māori Language Week we are inviting New Zealanders to join us in an unprecedented Māori Language Moment: We want 1 million of us speaking, singing and celebrating te reo at the same time.

AUT UniPrep

AUT UniPrep is an excellent summer school programme run at the AUT South Campus for 5 weeks in Jan/Feb before uni starts. It gives you confidence for your university studies and an excellent head-start. It is very popular with De La Salle students and several of our old boys help to run it. If you are applying to AUT, you should also consider applying for UniPrep. Here is the link https://www.aut.ac.nz/about/pacific/our-initiatives/our-oceanian-leadership-network/our-uniprep-programme/register-for-uniprep

How many Lasallian's can you spot in the below 2018 UniPrep video?

UniBound is the summer school run by UNIVERSITY OF AUCKLAND – also over the Jan/Feb summer holidays. If you are applying for a degree at University of Auckland, especially if you are feeling a bit unsure about whether you will get UE and the entrance requirements – this could be a great choice for you to get started. It will give you plenty of confidence for University and is free of charge if you are Maori or Pasifika. Here is the link https://www.auckland.ac.nz/en/study/study-options/undergraduate-study-options/preparation-and-foundation-programmes/unibound/meet-unibound-students.html


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