Maureen Enns Retrospective Studio Sale Sunday May 27, 2018 10:00-5:00

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A rare opportunity to visit the Ranch and Studio of one of Alberta’s most distinguished Artists, Maureen Enns.

Canadian Artist Maureen Enns

1949 - Investigative Artist and Conservationist

Alberta artist Maureen Enns, is renown for her conservation related work in Canada and abroad. Her work exists in significant public and private collections. She is the recipient of over 30 regional and national art grants and close to a million dollars of sponsorship assistance for her research.

The studio sale will include private archived works that date back to 1981. The 11 unique series span 4 decades of Enn's art and research.

Maureen is releasing works from her private collection; some of which have never been exhibited, to fund the development and exhibition of an important new body of work in Mexico. Mountain Galleries is happy to support Maureen in this exciting new venture.

Prices listed are retail prices.

Directions From Calgary

From the Trans Canada take the 22X, which joins the 1A highway at a set

of lights, in Cochrane, or take Crowchild Trail from Calgary, which merges

into the 1a. Proceed west on Hwy 1a. After passing the Gas Plant on

left, take a right turn onto Hwy 40 (Forestry Trunk Rd). Drive 11.2 km.

Signs: '63003' and 'Enns Studio' on your left. Turn left and proceed down

a small hill. Turn left turn to the house at 63003 repeated.

Series: Sky Boxes -Flying Cubes 1981-1982

“The Cube engages. But it can also lead us to syntheses of place, space, season, mind and feeling that we had not heretofore felt.”

-The late John White for Vanguard Magazine, 1983

Artist Statement

The series began with my sculptural mirrored cubes which I conned friends into holding high in the sky for photography near my new studio on the Ghost River. The set of reflections included sky and flowers of the understory. The series marked the entry point into my fascination with the use of photography to create Illusion upon metaphysical complexity. Mirrored cubes gave way to floating appaloosa horses such as “Apply Days” which was part of the “Appy in the Sky with Mountains” Series. Space had become my game!

Iris Patch (1981), 5'x 6', Acrylic on Canvas
Free Fall Sawaii Atelier (1982) , Limited Edition Woodblock Print, Edition of 100, 12" x 14" (41/42/43/45/46/47/48/49/50 available) - 40/100 SOLD
Appy Days (1986), Limited Edition Print, 16" x 18" (available 20/33/35 of 50 available)
SOLD - Walking Horse Randomized #4 (1974), acrylic, canvas, 5' x 5'

Series: Beauty Pageant


Artist Statement

At my foothills studio/ranch I was training for dressage competition on a gelding of no known pedigree. While competing at Spruce Meadows, my horse, Sky, was the winning underdog. I was struck by the negative attitude to color and low breeding and completed a series of paintings, one of which is “Travers,” where the paint horse enters the dressage arena. Using my photographs of horses of varied colorations and my winning ribbons strung out on the clothes line, I assembled maquettes from which my larger canvases were drawn.

“Line Up” was included in “Beauty pageant”, curated by Elizabeth Kidd and was toured by the Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies to museums across Canada.

Poster For Beauty Pageant, 19" x 25",
Travers (1983), Acrylic on Canvas, 3' x 4'
Line Up (1984), Acrylic on Canvas, 60" x 72"

Series: Back of Beyond


Back of Beyond, curated by Donna McAlear, was the first opportunity for the Nickle Art Museum to produce an exhibition by a Calgary artist that embarked on a tour outside of Canada. It was made possible with assistance from the Canadian Department of External Affairs, Canadian Airlines, the Alberta Foundation for the Arts, Alberta Culture and Multiculturalism, the Canadian Consulate-General, Sydney and Ansette Airlines.

Artist Statement

I spent 3 months during the summer of 1986 based at Rainbow Beach recording my impressions of the lush tropical jungle, the patterns and colors of Queensland. During that time period, I travelled by camel from a point south of Ayer’s Rock towards Adelaide. I found the camel a misunderstood animal; marking the beginning of my fascination with the misunderstood of wild animals as well as my amalgamation of figurative and abstract styles with actual photographs included.

Back of Beyond Poster (1988), 19" x 20"
Dreamtime #2 (1981), photo collage, 20" x 26"
Camel Study-Ghandi (1986), Charcoal Drawing, 30" X 44"
Framed "Portrait of Ghandi", charcoal drawing. 30"x44" 1986
Dreamtime #1 (1986), Photo Collage, 20" x 26"
Bijou (1987), Limited Edition Print, 15" x 18" (18/23/24 of 57 available)
Cooper in Queensland (1987), Acrylic on Canvas, 5' x 6'
Outback Caravan (1987), Limited Edition Print, 14" x 16" (11/22/9 of 75 available)
Nesting Place (1987), Acrylic, oil and photo on primed paper, 30" x 40"

Portrait of Ghandi (1986), Charcoal Drawing, 30"x44" (Photo to come)

Series: Games End Africa


Maureen was awarded a Canada Council Exploration Grant in 1989 to document from an artist’s perspective, the plight of the African elephant and returned to Kenya. The resulting documentary “Game’s End, an African Encounter” was produced by Joanne Levy, Director of Scorpio Productions, Calgary.

Artist Statement

After returning Australia, I continued on to Kenya to ride horseback across the Masai Mara photographing elephant, zebra, giraffe, and other amazing animals of Africa. I canoed a portion of the Zambezi River and will never forget encountering a charging bull elephant while we were in a shallow estuary. Feeling helpless, I froze. My guide banged the side of the canoe with his paddle and the bull stopped and reared before leaving. I was keen to get some photos of rhino alongside the Zambezi and followed the guide through the thorny bush, following rhino track. A shot rang out and the armed Park guide ran off shouting “there are many of you in the world and few rhino!”

The abstract coloration of the zebras, the jewellery of the Masai and the plight of the elephant being slaughtered for its ivory caught my attention the most. This was the era when Cynthia Moss studied and wrote about the matriarchal elephant herds. The elephant had been misunderstood until her work and that of Ian Douglas Hamilton. I was hooked on the misunderstood and the concept of art research happening alongside high adventure.

Games End Poster (1989) 17" x 30"
Sangare #2 (1989), Graphite, Acrylic, Chalk and Photo, 23" x 30"
Zebra in Masai Land (1990), Acrylic, Pencil Crayon and Photo Collage, 11" x 14"
Bloody Ivory (1990), Charcoal, conte and acrylic on primed paper, 32" x 44"
Young Charging Bull of the Zambezi (1990), Charcoal Drawing, 42" x 30"
Young Charging Bull (1990), Charcoal and Acrylic on Primed Paper, 42" x 30"
Red Bull (1990), Charcoal and Conte on Paper, 25" x 19"
Advancing Bull of Amboselli (1990), Charcoal and Acrylic on Primed Paper, 30" x 42"

Series: Grizzly Kingdom


Grizzly Kingdom is a story of Maureen’s struggle to find bears in the wild, and to reveal on canvas and film this majestic symbol of a fragile wilderness.

Grizzly Kingdom, An Artist’s Encounter, became a book. A TV documentary titled The Grizzly and the Artist was co-produced by Joanne Levy and the CBC. An art exhibition that included both paintings and multimedia drawings on primed paper were shown at both the Triangle Gallery and Masters Gallery in Calgary.

Artist Statement

My research and photography was supported by Banff National Park with a lot of help from the head wildlife warden, Rick Kunelius. My early paintings and drawings reflected my fear of the bear with red and black geometric interfaces and an ominous white outline. I gradually discovered, riding my horse, Spud with my packhorse along, that the grizzly is not necessarily the dangerous creature of popular myth. In one pivotal encounter my two horses and I stopped by a mother grizzly and her cubs who peacefully continued to graze only a few feet away. Consequently the bears in my art appeared less confrontational, exhibiting a curious countenance rather than a menacing one. My horse, showed me when to trust a grizzly and only later in Kamchatka did I realize he understood body language that took me many years to unravel and put to use.

West Ridge Divide Pass (1994), Acrylic and Graphite, 42" x 36"
Curly #2 from BNP (1991), Acrylic and Photo, 18" x 24"
Zoo Curly #2 (1991), Acrylic and Photos, 18" x 24"
Grizzly Kingdom Poster, 17" x 24"
Rocky Mountain High (1994), Mixed Media, 48" x 60"
Spirit Run, 48" x 60", acrylic, oil, charcoal, canvas
Spirit of Princess Royal, 48" x 60", acrylic, oil, charcoal, canvas

Series: Grizzly Heart Seasons Kamchatka

1994- 2004

Artist Statement

By 1994, wilderness experiences had become fundamental to my artistic practice alongside immersion into the lives of my subjects, the cubs Chico, Biscuit and Rosie. My fascination of the misunderstood grizzly took me to the southern tip of the Kamchatka Peninsula. My goal in teaming up with Charlie Russell in what was to become a 10-year odyssey, was to unravel peaceful possibilities in human-bear relationships.

I built a photographic dark room and a miniscule painting studio in the small cabin at the foot of the Kambalnoe volcano. As fast as I photographed the bears, I was printing their images and creating the drawings and paintings of this series on location. I cast the grizzly tracks in plaster not far from the small cabin on Kambalnoe Lake. Back in Canada, I translated the plaster into concrete tablets believing that only by walking in the footprint of the bears, could one understand their lives. The plaster imprints added a tangible tactile element to my paintings and were focal to the paintings in A Testament which opened Wendy Wacko’s new exhibition space of the Mountain Galleries at Whistler.

The project garnered a front-page story with the Los Angeles Times. Walking with Giants, a TV documentary was translated into many languages. I co-authored two books, Grizzly Heart followed by Grizzly Seasons. Both include my artwork of that period as well as my photography. I was beginning to realize my potential as a photographer but the written word continued to fill me with terror.

The work was exhibited between 1995 and 2003 in Alberta and was concluded when the Epitaph Series was displayed at Masters Gallery after the tragic death of my Kamchatka bears.

My solo art exhibition Through the Eyes of the Bear opened the new Art Gallery of Calgary in 2000 and continued to Slovenia, France and in Moscow in 2001, where with the generous support of the Canadian Embassy and private sponsors, I became one of the first foreign artist to exhibit in the City since the end of communism.

Postcard to Kamchatka #2 (1995), Monoprint, Acrylic and Chalk on Paper, 19.5" x 24.5"
Kamchatka #2 (1995), guache, graphite, photo and chalk on primed paper, 20" x 25"
Protected Bay Nesting Site #2 (1997), guache, charcoal and graphite on watercolour paper, 29" x 21"
View from Nesting Site (1998), guache and Chalk pastel on watercolour paper, 29" x 22"
Postcard to Kamchatka #5 (1995), Monoprint, acrylic and chalk on paper, 18.5" x 24.5"
Storm Ends Kambalnoe Lake (1996), Acrylic, powder pigment and graphite on watercolour paper, 12" x 22"
Chico and Biscuit First Fish (1997), guache, oil and photos on primed paper, 24" x 19"
Running by Camp (1998), guache and acrylic on primed paper, 15" x 11"
Salad Time (1999), Guache on Primed Paper, 11" x 12"
Reflective Study (1999), Guache on primed paper, 11" x 12"
”Over Reach-Brandy, Lemon and Lime (2004)" acrylic, oil, photo, primed paper 17"x15.5"
Lasting Vision (2004), acrylic, oil, and photo on primed paper 17" x15.5"
Biscuit Examines Her Catch (2001) , acrylic, guache and photo, 24" x 18.5"
Biscuit Gathering Scent (2001), acrylic and oil on photo primed paper, 17" x 18"
Chico and Biscuit of Life (2001), Acrylic and oil on photo primed paper, 18" x 18"
Chico on the Slide (2001), acrylic and oil on photo primed paper, 18" x 18"
Fisher Bear Biscuit (2001) , Guache, oil and photo on primed paper, 26" X 36'
In Brandy's Turf (2001) , acrylic, oil and Photo on Primed Paper, 18" x 17"
Pausing Before Flight Lemon (2003) , Acrylic, oil cast objects, and Charcoal on canvas 22" x 28"
Printing Biscuit (2003), Canvas, oil, cast objects, 48" x 60"
Biscuit with Pink Salmon, (1996) 25" x 36", acrylic, photo, primed paper
Biscuit Looking West (1996), 25" x 36", Acrylic, photo, Primed paper
Biscuit at Char Creek (1996) , 25" x 36", acrylic, photo, primed paper
Framed, Nesting Site Overlooking Kambalnoye Lake (1996), Guache, Oil stick, Primed paper, 22" x 30"
Brandy, Lemon and Lime Oversight (2002), Limited Edition Print on Paper, 31.5" x 22" (5,30,35 of 160)
A Moment Out of Time (2007), Limited Edition Print, 24" x 20" (7/12/11 of 360 available)
Chico Watching Charlie (2001), Limited Edition Print, 32" x 22" (92/79/93 of 260 available)
Portrait of Biscuit at 5 Years (2002), Limited Edition Print, 21.5" x 32" (4 of 160 available)
Biscuit Looking For Company (2001), Limited Edition Print, 30.5 " x 21.5" (14/22 of 160 available, 21/260 sold)
Moment of Suspicion (2003), Limited Edition Print, 31.5" x 21" (10/11/12 of 160 available)

Series: Equestrian Heroes


Exerpts from catalogue By Lisa Christianson, Former Curator of Art, Whyte Museum, Banff, Alberta, Canada

“The life of Maureen Enns has been remarkable. She has compressed more experience into the last decade than most of us would dream to have in a lifetime. Her British Columbia childhood was shaped by horses and a love of riding. It was then that she began to develop her sensitivity to large, powerful animals, and an innate understanding of the relationship of the human animal to the horse began to grow in her. The people that she worked with while learning to saddle a horse, to ride, and to handle horse equipment, have shaped this sensitivity. On a more basic level, her relationships to horses, a sensory relationship of touch, movement, smell, feel, and mutual cooperation, began through the gear she and others used, and as a result, the tack; spurs, bridles, girth straps, bits and boots, have become a focal point in her new work.”

“Now Enns has returned to her roots with horses in rural Alberta……She is exploring another intimate relationship to a highly intelligent large animal (the horse)……She draws upon her past, recalling the methods of teachers, friends and family whom she admires for their horsemanship. Pieces of their tack, cast in plaster and applied to her painted canvases …..are homages to her mentors…..The images are painted in and the casts of spurs and other tack composed into the image. Colored with powder pigment mixed into the raw casting plaster, the casts are so like the real thing, so much like silver, leather and metal patinaed by use."

"Maureen feels privileged to have been allowed to borrow the tools of horse people she respects: their snaffles and bits, spurs and cinches pay homage to individuals such as the cowboy who taught her to throw a diamond hitch and gave her packing lessons ……and a ranch-woman who has demonstrated respect for the horse and a custodial love of ranchlands.”

From Pat's Collection (2005), Acrylic, oil and cast objects, 10" x 12"
Ken McKay's Spur (2005), Acrylic, Oil and Cast Objects, 10" x 12"
Alma's Lady Leg Spurs (2005) , Acylic, Charcoal, and Cast Objects, 22" x 28"
Anchor D Bit Shanks (2005), Acrylic, Oil and Cast Objects, 22" x 28"
Tribute to Bill Collins, 23" x 29", acrylic, cast Objects, canvas
To The Farrier, 23" x 29", acrylic, cast objects, canvas
Ray Wells Spurs, Digital Print ( 4/10/7 of 250 available)

Series: Inca Cave Drawings 2006-2007

Artist Statement

I was thinking of the wild horses of Alberta’s Ghost Forest, Alberta when I travelled to Argentina to travel by horseback high up into the Alto Plano of the Salta Region. The guide showed us some remote caves seldom visited by tourists where drawings made by Incas of the 16th Century had been preserved. Drawings in powdered pigments of llamas, and other worldly creatures of mythical origin spread across the rooves of the caves. The Incas were wiped out by Spanish conquistadores and largely dismissed. I saw parallels with the plight of wild horses in America. It seemed to me that like the Incas whose numbers reached into the millions and were deemed useless, so the thousands of wild horses of the plains of North America were slaughtered. Only in history is value assigned.

Emu (2006), Chalk and Charcoal on Paper, 22" x 15"
Goodstoney (2006), Charcoal and Chalk on Paper, 30" x 20"
Chuical (2006) Chalk and Charcoal, 14" x 21"
Thunderbird (2006), Chalk Drawing on Paper, 15" x 22"

Series: The Last Wild Horses 2009-2013

Artist Statement

For 6 years, I hiked and rode my horse into a small pocked of wilderness in the Ghost Forest that slid under the radar of study and control. In this beautiful marshland, I discovered the wild horses and their special relationship with the wolves. These horses are wild animals interacting with deer and moose for their mutual survival. They have evolved past their “feral” status; having re-wilded. Using both long lenses and hidden motion sensitive cameras, I captured the unique beauty of the wild equine herds, translating my heartfelt vision onto canvas and paper. After much trepidation, I decided to write a book, solo this time, completing the rough draft in 4 months! Wild Horses, Wild Wolves – Legends at Risk as the Foot of the Canadian Rockies was released in 2013 by Rocky Mountain Books.

Wild Horses of the Canadian Rockies was filmed by Pyramid Productions, Calgary


Wild Horses and the Art of Conservation, Lyndsie Bougon, Galleries West, Fall/Winter 2013

Wild Horses, Wild Wolves, Nancy Townshend, Alberta Views, September 2013

Romantic Pair, Poster on Fine Art Paper
Pocaterra Poster on Fine Art Photo Paper, 19" x 24"
The Diva Takes A Bow (2009), Charcoal Drawing, 42" x 30"
Watching Lois (2010), Acrylic, Oil and Charcoal on Primed Paper, 25.5" x 22.5"
Tracking The Mare and Foal (2009), Acrylic, oil on primed canvas, 12" x 26"
Ghosts of the Forest (2006), Charcoal Drawing, 21" x 30"
SOLD - Kit, Motionless as a Deer in the Forest (2010), Charcoal Drawing, 29" x 23"
Observed (2010), Oil and Acrylic on Primed Paper, 25" x 30"
Stars of the Ghost (2010), Oil and Charcoal on Primed Paper, 12" x 13"
Stud Guarding his Foal (2009), Canvas Photo, 30" x 40"
Young Bachelors on Alert (2009), Charcoal drawing, 21" x 25"
At the End of the Day (2010) Acrylic, oil and photos on Canvas, 30" x 40"
Cuero Lead Stud (2008), Acrylic, oil, Photo on Canvas, 36" x 48"
First Light (2014), Acrylic, Oil and Photos on Canvas, 36" x 48"
Going, Going, Gone (2008), Acrylic, oil and photos on Canvas, 30" x 40"
SOLD - Tracking The Wild Stud (2009), Acrylic, Oil on Primed Canvas, 12" x 26"
Romantic Pair (2013), Fine Art Photo, UV Glass
Pocarterra Watching Hope and I (2013) Fine art photo, UV Glass

Series: Prayer Flags in The Canadian Rockies


Artist Statement

On a trek through the Upper Langtang area of Nepal in 2010, I was overwhelmed by the quiet spirituality of the prayer flags that were strung across valleys, on top of mountains or on rooftops. I photographed many in Nepal as well as an installation at a Tibetan refugee site in Kerela, India. Prayer flags are not just pretty pieces of cloth with funny writing on them. The ancient Buddhist prayers and the wind horse produce a spiritual vibration once activated, is carried by the wind across the mountains. Each color corresponds to a different element – earth, water, fire, wood and metal – the fundamental building blocks of man and the environment.

In the paintings of this collection, prayer flags were initially digitally strung from my favorite high vistas and later translated onto canvas. They pay homage to my love of mountains and my lifetime commitment to harmony between man and nature.

This series was Exhibited by Mountain Galleries at the Fairmont at the Banff Mountain Book and Festival in 2012. It continued on to be exhibited at the Edge Gallery, Canmore in conjunction with a fundraising effort for Core International, Nepal.

From Paget Peak Into Yoho (2011), acrylic oil and charcoal on Canvas 3' x 4'
Mt. Buller (2012), Acrylic, and Charcoal on Paper, 12" x 15"
Opabin Plateau to Lake O'hara (2013), Acrylic and Charcoal on Paper, 15" x 22"
Pocaterra Ridge (2012), Acrylic and Charcoal on Paper, 16" x 22"
Prayer Flags for Mt. Assiniboine (2010), Acrylic, oil and Gouache on Paper, 27" x 35"
The Columbia Icefields (2017) , Acrylic, oil and Charcoal on Canvas, 48" x 60"

Series: Mysterious Monarchs 2011

Artist Statement

I have travelled the world as an environmental artist focusing on the plight of misunderstood endangered species. I have long been fascinated by the unexplained ability of the Monarch butterflies to travel from their wintering ground in the Mexican state of Michoacán as far north as Pt. Pelee National Park in Canada. It takes 3-4 generations of adults to make the journey with not one having flown the route previously.

Riding on horseback up into the Sierra Madre to the wintering ground of thousands of Monarchs was ethereal in the spiritual sense. At first glance, I thought I was seeing piles of dead leaves until they started to move. Monarchs landed on my clothing, my hands, hat and then clouds of them blocked out the noon day sun. The paintings completed in 2011 pay homage to the Mariposas Monarchas! Their future is uncertain due to the use of pesticides that kill weeds; one being the essential diet of the Monarch – milkweed.

From Patzcuaro (2011), Charcoal and Acrylic on Primed Paper 23" x 31"
Framed "Angangueo" (2011), 25.5" x 30", charcoal, acrylic, primed paper

Price List

*Prices listed are retail

Sky Paintings 1981-1983

Framed "Iris Patch" 5'x6', acrylic on canvas, 1981 Retail: $11,900.

Unframed Limited Edition Print/ "Appy Days" 16"x18", 1986 Retail: $300 (20/33/35 of 50 Available)

Unframed Limited Edition Woodblock Print, "Free Fall" Sawaii Atelier, 1982, 12”x 14” Retail: $150 40/100 -SOLD (43,45,46 Available)

SOLD - unframed, “Walking Horse Randomized #4”, acrylic, canvas 5'x5' 1974

Beauty Pageant Series: 1983-85

Unframed Poster Beauty Pageant 19"x25" Retail: $30.

Framed "Travers" acrylic on Canvas 3'x4' 1983 Retail: $7900.

Framed "Line Up" acrylic on Canvas 5’x6’ 1984 Retail: $11,900.

Game's End - Africa Series: 1989-1990

Unframed Poster "Game's End" 17"x30" 1989-1990 Retail: $30.

Framed "Young Charging Bull of the Zambezi”, Charcoal Drawing, 42” x 30”, 1990, Retail: $5900.

Framed "Bloody Ivory" charcoal, conte, acrylic on primed Paper, 32” x 44”, 1990 Retail: $6500

Unframed "Advancing Bull of Amboselli"" charcoal, acrylic, primed paper 30"x42" 1990 Retail: $5,900

Unframed "Sangare #2" graphite, acrylic, chalk, photo 23”x30" 1989 Retail: $1900

Framed ”Young Charging Bull" charcoal, acrylic, primed paper 42"x30" 1990 Retail: $6500

unframed "Zebra in Masai Land" acrylic, pencil crayon, photo collage 11"x14" 1990 Retail: $1300.

Matted - ”Red Bull” charcoal, paper, conte 25"x19" 1990 Retail: $1300

Back of Beyond Series: Australia 1986-89

Unframed/ Poster/ "Back of Beyond” /19”x20”/ Toured Australia 1988-89 Retail: $30.

Unframed/ “Cooper in Queensland”/ acrylic on canvas/ 5’x6'/ 1987 Retail: $11,900.

Unframed/ Limited Edition Print/ Outback Caravan/ 14”x16”/1987 Retail: $300 (11/22/9 of 75 Available)

Unframed/ Limited Edition Print/ Bijou/ 15”x18”/1987/ Retail: $300. (18,23,24 of 57 Available)

Unframed/"Dreamtime #1”/ acrylic, oil, photo, paper/ 20”x26”/ 1986 Retail: $1750.

Unframed/"Dreamtime #2”/ acrylic, oil, photo, paper/ 20”x26”/ 1981 Retail: $1750.

Unframed/Camel Studiy-Ghandi/ charcoal drawing/ 30”x44”/ 1986 Retail: $4900

Unframed/“Nesting Place”/ acrylic, oil, photo on primed paper/30”x40”/ 1987 Retail: $4900

Framed "Portrait of Ghandi", charcoal drawing. 30"x44" 1986, Retail: $5500

Grizzly Kingdom/BNP 1991-1994

Unframed/Poster/ “Grizzly Kingdom”/ 17”x24”/ Retail: $30

Matted, Curly #2 from BNP, acrylic and photos, 18”x24”, 1991, Retail: $1750

Matted, "Zoo Curly”#2," acrylic, photos, 18”x24", 1991, Retail: $1750

Framed, “West Ridge Divide Pass,”42”x36" acrylic and graphite, 1994, Retail: $6950

Framed, Rocky Mountain High, Mixed Media, 48" x 60", $11,900

Unframed, “Spirit Run” 4’x5’ acrylic, oil, charcoal, canvas retail: $12,000

Unframed, “Spirit of Princess Royal” 4’x 5’ acrylic, oil, charcoal, canvas, Retail: $12,000

Grizzly Heart Seasons Kamchatka Series: 1994-2004

Framed/ “Kamchatka #2”/ guache, graphite, photo, chalk, primed paper 20"x25" 1995, Retail: $2500

Unframed/"Postcard to Kamchatka #2" / Monoprint, acrylic, chalk/paper/ 19.5”x 24.5”/ 1995 Retail: $1500

Unframed/"Postcard to Kamchatka #5" / Monoprint, acrylic, powder pigment paper 18.5"x24.5" 1995 Retail: $1500

Unframed, “Storm Ends-Kambalnoe Lake" acrylic, powder pigment, acrylic, graphite, and watercolour paper 12”x22", 1996, Retail: $1500

Framed/ ‘View from Nesting Site”/ guache, chalk pastel, wc paper/ 29"x22" / 1998 Retail: $2,500.

Framed/ ”Protected Bay-Nesting Site #2”/ guache, charcaol, graphite/ Watercolour Paper/ 29” x 21”/ 1997 Retail: $2500

.Framed "Chico and Biscuit-First Fish”/ guache, oil, photos/ primed paper/ 24”x19" /1997 Retail: $2,500.

Unframed/ ”Running by Camp”/ guache, acrylic, primed paper/15”x11”/ 1998 Retail: $900.

Unframed/"Salad Time”/ guache, primed paper/11”x12”/ 1999 Retail: $500

Unframed/"Reflective Study/ guache, primed paper/ 11”x12”/ 1999 Retail: $500

Framed “In Brandy's Turf”, acrylic, oil, photo primed paper/ 18”x17”/ 2001 Retail: $2500

Framed/ Biscuit Gathering Scent/ acrylic, oil, photo primed paper/ 17”x18”/ 2001 Retail: $2500

Framed/“Chico on the Slide”/ acrylic, oil, photo primed paper/ 18”x18”/ 2001 Retail: $2500

Framed/ “Chico and Biscuit Full of Life”/ acrylic, oil, photo primed paper/18”x18" 2001 Retail: $2500

Framed "Biscuit Examines Her Catch”/ acrylic, guache, photo/ 24”x18.5”/ 2001 Retail: $2900

​Framed/ “Fisher Bear Biscuit”/ guache, oil, photo, primed paper/ 26"x36" / 2001 Retail: $2950

Framed/ Pausing Before Flight" acrylic, oil cast objects, charcoal, 22"x28" 2003 Retail: $5,900

Unframed, ”Lasting Vision”, acrylic, oil, photo, primed paper, 17”x15.5" 2004/ Retail: $1700

Unframed, ”Over Reach-Brandy, Lemon and Lime" acrylic, oil, photo, primed paper 17"x15.5" 2004, Retail: $1700

Framed, Printing Biscuit, Charcoal, oil and plaster on canvas, 48" x 60", $11,900.

Framed ”Biscuit with Pink Salmon” 35”x36” 1996 acrylic, photo, primed paper Retail: $4,150

Framed, ”Biscuit Looking West” 35”x36” 1996 acrylic, photo, primed paper, Retail: $4,150

Framed, “Biscuit at Char Creek” 35”x36” 1996 acrylic, photo, primed paper, Retail: $4,150

Framed “Nesting Site Overlooking Kambalnoye Lake” guache, oil stick primed paper, 22”x30” 1996 Retail $2,500

Framed, “Griz in Repose” charcoal drawing, 27”x36” 2015 retail $6,000

Grizzly Bear Prints

Unframed print/ "Chico Watching Charlie" 32"x22" 2001 Retail: $950. (Available 92/79/93 of 260)

Unframed Print/ "A Moment Out of Time 24"x20" 2007 Retail: $950. (7/12/11 of 360 available)

Unframed Print/ "Portrait of Biscuit 5 yrs" 21.5"x32" 2002 Retail: $950. (4 of 160 available)

Unframed Print/ "Brandy Lemon and Lime Oversight"31.5"x22" 2002 Retail: $950 (5/30/35 of 160 available)

Unframed Print/"Moment of Suspicion"31.5"x21" 2003 Retail: $950. (10/11/12 of 160 available)

Unframed Print/"Biscuit Looking for Company" 30.5"x21.5" 2001 Retail: $950. (21/260 SOLD, 14/22 of 160 available)

Equestrian Heroes 2004-2005

unframed canvas/"Anchor D Bit Shanks "22" x 28" acrylic, oil, cast objects 2005, Retail: $5900.

unframed canvas/"Alma's Lady Leg Spurs" acrylic, charcoal, cast objects 22"x 28" 2005 Retail: $5900.

Framed Ken McKay's Spur 10" x 12" acrylic , oil, cast objects 2005 Retail: $1950.

Framed From Pat's Collection 10in x 12in acrylic, oil, cast objects 2005 Retail: $1950.

Framed, ”Tribute to Bill Collins” 23”x29” acrylic, cast objects, canvas Retail: $5,975

Framed, ”To the Farrier” 23”x29” acrylic, cast objects, canvas, Retail: $5,975

Framed, print “Ray Wells Spurs” fine art digital print Retail: $950

Unframed print “Ray Wells Spurs” fine art digital print, Retail: $450 Available 4/10/7 of 250)

Mysterious Monarchs 2011

Framed "From Patzcuaro" 23"x31" charcoal, acrylic, primed paper 2011 Retail: $4900.

Framed "Angangueo" (2011), 25.5" x 30", charcoal, acrylic, primed paper, Retail: $4,900

Inca Cave drawings of Argentina 2006-2007

Framed "Goodstoney" charcoal, chalk, paper 30"x20" 2006 Retail: $4,900.

Framed "Emu" chalk-charcoal-paper 22"x15" 2006 Retail: $2500.

Unframed "Thunderbird" chalk charcoal paper 15"x22" 2006 Retail: $1900.

Unframed "El Chuical" calk, charcoal 14"x21" 2006 Retail: $1900.

The Last Wild Horses of the Canadian Rockies 2009-13

Framed Poster on Fine Art Photo rag paper "Pocaterra"19"x24" Retail: $150.

Framed Poster on Fine Art Rag paper "Romantic Pair" Retail: $150.

Framed "Observed" 25"x30" oil, acrylic, primed paper 2010 Retail: $5500.

Framed "Watching Lois” acrylic, oil, charcoal primed paper, 25.5" x 22.5", 2010 Retail: $4,900.

Unframed canvas/"First Light" 36"x48" acrylic, oil, photos 2014 Retail: $7000.

unframed canvas/"Going, Going, Gone" 30"x40"acrylic, oil, photos 2008 Retail: $7000.

unframed canvas/'Cuero Lead Stud' 36"x48" acrylic, oil, photo2008 Retail: $7000.

unframed canvas/"At the End of the Day" 30"x40" acrylic, oil, photos 2010 Retail: $7000.

Framed "Stars of the Ghost" oil, charcoal, primed paper 12"x13" 2010 Retail: $1550.

Framed "Stud Guarding his Foal" canvas photo-ptg 30"x40" 2009 Retail: $7000.

unframed "Tracking the Mare and Foal" acrylic, oil, primed paper 12"x26" 2009 Retail: $1500.

SOLD- unframed"Tracking the Wild Stud" acrylic, oil, primed paper 12"x26" 2009 Retail: $1500.

Framed "The Diva takes a Bow" charcoal drawing primed paper 42"x30" 2009 Retail: $5,900

Framed "Young Bachelors on Alert" 21"x25" ch/dwg 2009 Retail: $3,900.

Framed "Ghosts of the Forest" charcoal dwg 21"x30" 2006 Retail: $3,900.

SOLD - Framed "Kit, Motionless as a deer in the Forest" charcoal dwg 29"x23" 2010

Framed, ”Pocarterra Watching Hope and I” 2013 Fine Art Photo UV glass, Retail: $1,050

Framed, ”Romantic Pair” 2013 Fine Art Photo UV Glass, Retail: $1,050

Prayer Flags in the Canadian Rockies 2010-2011

Framed "Mt. Buller" acrylic, charcoal, paper12"x15", 2012 Retail: $1700

Framed canvas "From Paget Peak into Yoho" acrylic, oil, charcoal, 3'x4', 2011 Retail: $7900

Framed, "Opabin Plateau to Lake O'Hara" acrylic, charcoal, paper 15"x22", 2013 Retail: $2300

Framed "Pocaterra Ridge" acrylic, charcoal, paper, 16"x22", 2012 Retail: $2300

Framed "Prayer Flags for Mt.Assiniboine" acrylic, oil, guache, paper, 27"x35" 2010 Retail: $5500

Framed, "The Columbia Icefields (2017) , Acrylic and Charcoal on Canvas, 48" x 60", Retail: $11,900.

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