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Dr Martens encounters competition from multiple online fashion retailers such as Asos and Office whom stock their products. These recommendations seek to improve the user experience thus ensuring customers make the official website their first choice.

#1 Dr. Martens has an abundance of followers across a multitude of platforms

Facebook 1.7M

Instagram 1.3M

Twitter 160.4K

YouTube 22.6K

Pinterest 30K

These social media feeds are not actively promoted within the site and only the blog is accessible via the navigation bar; the official Instagram account is only promoted within blog posts therefore should a customer not engage with the blog then this would of course be missed. Also it is only at the very bottom of the homepage that the social media icons are visible but again these can be missed.

Current Navigation Bar


All social media links to be visible and accessible via navigation bar

Proposed Navigation Bar With With Links To Social Media


Ensures social media accounts are always visible, increase follower numbers & encourages customers to engage over a variety of platforms

#2 Making more of customer registration

Registering for an online account only stores payment & order information and opts the customer to receive undifferentiated email marketing

Email marketing


Develop customisable accounts allowing the customer to build there own profile and devise their own username

Customers can select certain criteria upon registration to build there own profile

  • Preferred type of footwear (boot, shoe...)
  • Styles (Original, Made in England...)
  • Favourite accessories (belts, bags...)
  • Shoe size
  • To even preferred type of music


User generated profiles allow for the collection of vital information about customer preferences. This can be used for targeted email marketing and contain tailored product offerings based on individual profile criteria

#3 building community

There are countless threads about Dr Martens products on a variety of online forums such as Reddit, Styleforum and Digital Spy to name but a few


By way of extension from the customisable profile would be the creation of the

'Official DM Forum'

Centralising all of this communication would allow for the monitoring of chatter and trends


A social network for brand enthusiasts, allowing for the exchange of user generated communication in the form of product reviews & recommendations as well as the exchange of media that can link to the the various social media accounts.

The community can develop over time and possibly lead to co-creation with customers where members can suggest design ideas of their own or perhaps a personalised piece of footwear like Nike ID...

Thank you for reading

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Liam Dovell


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