Lithium has many uses Like giving batteries their juices EdDie ManTz, MS. Bryan, period f

My element is lithium and its symbol is Li. It was discovered by a man named Johan August Arfwedson. The word "lithium" is derived from the Greek word which is "lithos" because it was discovered in stone. It discovered when Johan analyzed it using mineral petalite in 1817. It was not until 1855 when these two men Sit Humphrey Davy and William Thomas Brande were able to isolate it.

The atomic number of lithium is 3

The atomic mass 6.941

There are 3 protons

There are 4 neutrons

And 3 electrons

The different stable isotopes are lithium 6 and lithium 7

Lithium is located in column 1 and has one valance electron It is also in period 2.

Lithium can be naturaly found in plants especially vegetables, lemons, eggs, and grains. It can also be found in dairy products and meat. It is found in natural mineral water and lithium is often recommended to calm nerves and aid in digestion.

Three major uses of lithium are ceramics/glass, batteries, and grease. In ceramics, lithium allows glass and ceramic makers to be able to save energy while heating lithium having objects because lithium has a lower melting point and other great properties. Lithium is used in batteries to help carry the electrical charge. Lithium grease is used to be a lubricant and help protect metals.

Lithium is the least reactive of all the alkali metals. Lithium is one of the three elements to be created during the Big Bang. Photo of my cover page photo of lithium with its atomic mass and atomic number first paragraph photo of where lithium is on the periodic table photo of all the vegetables paragraph below the photo with vegetables photo of the uses of lithium the text about ceramics text about batteries text about the grease phot of the Big Bang The fun facts about lithium

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