Jane Goodall: by kasra s

Jane Goodall was born on 3rd of April, 1934 and was sent to Tanzania to study about chimpanzees. Most of the chimpanzees liked her and began getting used to her coming to take care of them. She was one the most famous scientist of the twentieth century. She observed the same group of chimpanzees for fifty five years. She made some fascinating discoveries, such as she found out that chimpanzees use tools to collect insects to eat. Also she found out that chimpanzees would fight against each other, even though humans thought that they could only fight and that no other living organic could do so. She was a primatologist, a scientist that studies non human apes. She returned to London at 1961 and worked as a doctor and an ethologist. She also wrote a couple of informative books such as the Chimpanzees of Gombe.

She also became one the united nations messenger of piece in 2002.

Quiz time:

Q1: When was Jane Goodall born?

Q2: What did she work as?

Q3: What was the name of the title she earned in 2002?


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