Women in combat The Ban Lifted

The road of women in the military is a pretty short one. Women are very new to combat jobs. It has been proven that they can be beneficial to the military in ground combat situations. Strong qualified women in the military can benefit the US Military ground combat missions.

  • Diversifying the Military:┬áThe United States Military defends a free country. America has citizens from every part of the world in it. The Military is a small piece of a whole. In this day and age diversity and equal rights are a big thing.
  • Bringing Positives: The Marine Corps conducted a study in 2015 that proves women benefit combat missions. New ideas and thoughts are what are needed in this new age. Stereotyping is a bad habit among everyone, breaking away from what used to be is one way of success.
  • Strengthen the Military: Strengths comes in more than just muscles. Numbers and brains take strength to a level muscles alone can not accomplish. Females make up over half of the worlds populations, there are many who are willing, ready and want to fight in ground combat.
  • Rebuttal: Women usually take a weaker standing next to males when it comes to physical strength. That can definitely impact the US Military for the worse. When a female can not pass the minimum requirements the males need to pass for ground combat jobs, more than likely that woman will be doing more damage than good.
  • Call to Action: Accept the facts; when faced against a male adversary twice her size she will more than likely crash and burn. Given the right training that female could come out on top as the winner. Supporting women in ground combat jobs can be beneficial. When she trains hard and passes the minimum requirements set out for men she will strengthen the US Military for the better.

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