Why do i have to keep bringing this up ? BY ZIL'LAHA CLARK

The head of the cultural studies department at Liberty University should offer a series of African American studies courses for the benefit of helping eliminate the lack of cultural understanding amongst Liberty University students; therefore, creating campus unity.

Many PWIs (Predominantly White Institutions) view diversity as a formality. Usually PWIs send out propaganda to try and convince prospects that they are diverse.

At Liberty there is often a lack of diversity in classes. There is a lack of understanding that lingers because of this.

Quick question Liberty...



it's because there a lack of knowledge.

The inclusion of this series of African American studies courses can give the opportunity for diversity in the classrooms.

By prompting students to move beyond one’s self, students gain a panoramic perspective of the world around them and a more complete view of the place they are in.

Diversity expands one’s capacity for viewing problems from multiple perspectives, angles, and vantage points.

In order to truly be successful in today's diverse workforce, one must have sensitivity to human differences and the ability to relate to people from different cultural backgrounds


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