#GirlsShine The world is brighter when girls share their spark!

To mark the International Day of the Girl, October 11, 2017, USAID's Office of Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment (GenDev) will launch #GirlsShine, a global conversation designed to amplify girls' voices.

Watch (and share!) this video of USAID Administrator Mark Green and USAID Assistant Administrator Michelle Bekkering discuss the ways that USAID is working to break down the barriers that keep girls from learning and leading.

We invite you to share stories, photos, videos, and the message of USAID’s commitment to uplift girls, by using the hashtag #GirlsShine.

Sample Posts to Solicit #GirlsShine Stories

  • The world is brighter when girls share their spark! #GirlsShine #IDG2017
  • #GirlsShine when they can #learn, #lead & be healthy! How do you empower girls around you? #IDG2017
  • Join USAID in helping #GirlsShine on #DayoftheGirl! Watch for stories about our work to empower girls around the world. 🌠 #IDG2017
  • Girls everywhere: Fill in the blank and tell the 🌏 that #GirlsShine! “I feel proud when I________” #DayoftheGirl #IDG2017
  • Hey girls! Fill in the blank & tell the 🌏 that #GirlsShine! “One thing I have always wanted to try is________” #IDG2017
  • Calling girls everywhere! 🌟Share your spark to show why #GirlsShine. Reply back with what inspires you!
  • Are you proud of a #girl? Tell us why! Tweet your answer: "I feel proud of my , ________(for example, daughter/sister/niece/friend/student) when________." #GirlsShine #IDG2017

How Can USAID Missions and Bureaus engage?

Using the #GirlsShine hashtag, USAID Missions and USAID Bureaus are encouraged to use suggested social and pictograms and coordinate in locally appropriate activities. We’ve included a few ideas below!

  • Use Facebook and Twitter to invite girls to share stories about how they counter stereotypes, address cultural attitudes and support each other by advancing gender equality and female empowerment.

Sample prompts: "I feel proud when I________" #GirlsShine #IDG2017 or "One thing I have always wanted to try is________" #GirlsShine #IDG2017

  • Ask parents, relatives, teachers and male peers to highlight their daughters and girls that inspire them on this day.

Invite them to post stories with a photo using the prompt: "I feel proud of my daughter when________" #GirlsShine #IDG2017 [attach photo] or “My [daughter, niece, student, mentee, etc] inspires me by________..." #GirlsShine #IDG2017.” [attach photo]

  • Amplify #GirlsShine stories on your social media pages, and ask your followers to share their own stories.
  • Invite your Mission or Office Directors (or other staff as appropriate) to tape a 15-30 second video about how they empower a girl in their life or why their work uplifts girls (for example, how education prevents girls from early marriage).
  • Write an op-ed or engage a local radio station about the campaign. Pitch them on a project that your mission/bureau implements to empower girls or match them with a staff member at your mission who has a great personal story of empowerment to share.
  • Reach out to government officials, USAID partners, NGOs, alumni communities and other Mission and bureau/office contacts, such as business groups and school groups, and tell them about the campaign. Encourage them to share their own stories online using the #GirlsShine hashtag.

Pictograms to use on Facebook & Twitter

Pictograms to use on Instagram

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