Creating & Grading Quizzes in Blackboard Basics

Creating Quiz Questions

Course Management > Course Tools > Test, Surveys and Pools > Tests

(you will be prompted to create questions, assign points to each question, etc.)

*the quiz will not be visible to your students at this stage

Deploying the Quiz

a) Content Area > Assessments > Test (under Add an Existing Test, select the quiz you created in the previous step) > Submit.

b) Test Options (on this page, you will be prompted to set availability, timer, password, etc.)

*the quiz will be visible to your students at this stage unless you intentionally restricted access in Test Options.

Editing a deployed quiz

Content Area where the quiz is deployed > hover over the name of the quiz you created and deployed in previous steps until an arrow pointing down appears next to the name.

Click on the arrow and select:

  1. Edit Test (if you want to edit or add a question or points) or
  2. Edit Test Options (if you want to edit availability, timer, password, etc.)

Grading the Quiz

Course Management > Grade Center > Full Grade Center.

How do students access test results?

Tools > My Grades > Quiz Title > Click on the score to review all the questions

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