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The hot Cretaceous winds blow against the Velociraptors as they stalk the T-Rex. A fiery asteroid falls to the ground blasting anything in its way to pieces. It's the end of the dinosaurs life in the time periods, and the extinction of the dinosaurs has begun. The T-Rex uses its odd adaptations to flee down to it's hideout in the cliffs. Next, the T-Rex hides in it's cave as the asteroids bury it in the rocks.

The asteroid hits the earth.

Time Periods

Dinosaurs lived in many different time periods. One such period, was the Triassic period (tri-as-sic). The Triassic was home to the first dinosaurs and mammals (we are mammals). It was also the first time period in the line of others. The second time period, was the Jurassic period (ju-ras-sic). The Jurassic had many rainforests and lakes. Also, the Jurassic was home to the first huge sauropods [big herbovores (plant eaters)] such as Diplodocus, and Brachiosaurus to name a few of them. The third and final time period, was the Cretaceous period (cre-ta-ceous). The Cretaceous is the time period that had the biggest carnivores (meat eaters), like T-Rex. The Cretaceous also was the closest to the time we live in. Throughout the years dinosaurs have lived through many historic time periods.

A Chart of the different time periods.


T-Rex is one of the most popular dinosaurs, and holds many interesting facts. T-Rex weighed 8 tons (as heavy as a bus!), they were heavier than most other dinosaurs. However, females (girls) could weigh up to 9 tons and were larger than the males (boys). They can lift up to 400 pounds. That's enough to lift up a juvenile (young) iguanodon! (which is a very large version of an iguana). Also, they could run up to 20 miles per hour after an unsuspecting dinner. Their jaws were able to chomp through bones of its food, and they could also swallow the bones. In addition, the T-Rex ate Hadrosaurs and Triceratops. The Tyrannosaurus Rex is one of the most fascinating dinosaurs on the planet.

This is the T-Rex. Notice how small its arms are. There arms were made for speed. That's pretty cool!

ThIs is the T-Rex hunting Triceratops. Triceratops is a dinosaur with three horns, and a frill on its head. They are very cool looking.

This is T-Rex's 5 foot long head! They had very sharp teeth that could cut through meet very fast. They are the kings of the jungle with those adaptations!

This is an iguanodon. It's part of the hadrosaur species. Good thing T-Rex doesn't live near these magnificent beasts!

Hadrosaurs, are herbovores that walk on all 4 legs. These are some examples of them.

Extinction Event

One of the most controversial (open ended argument) topics is how the dinosaurs died, here are what some scientists think happened to the dinosaurs. For example, one theory is that a star exploded and the radiation came into earth's air and made the plants poisonous. When the herbivores and carnivores ate, the radiation (poisonous gasses) killed them. Another possible way, is that plants died and herbivores couldn't eat. The herbivores died and eventually, the carnivores died because they killed each other, or starved. Paleontologists' favorite idea, is that an asteroid came into the earth's atmosphere, crashed and caused a few earthquakes. The earthquakes rattled volcanoes and they erupted, sending ash to blot out the sun. The plants couldn't grow and the herbivores and carnivores, then couldn't eat. As you can see, all of these theories center around plant life dying off, and dinosaurs not being able to eat anything.

This picture shows what might have happened when the asteroid hit earth. More chaos will happen after this picture though.

These are some dinosaurs dying beacause of a lack of meat. It was hard being a meat eater.

Here's a funny picture of a dinosaur all alone after the extinction. LOL!!!

Dinosaurs were living life to its greatest under its odd king, the Tyrannosaurus Rex. But that time being ruled over fell short by an extinction. After 250 million years living in the different, unique, time periods their time had ended. As you can see, dinosaurs were very interesting and also, hold many learning opportunities.

Time periods recap. Remember what you learned.

T-Rex recap. Remember what you learned.

Extinction recap. Remember what you learned.

There are many mueseums to learn about dinosaurs in. You could also become a paleontologist (a scientist who studies fossils) and learn even more!

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