Fleet Feet races into Westport By: Carly Kaplowitz '21

Photos and Captions by Carly Kaplowitz '21

The key to a good workout all starts with the right pair of shoes. Fleet Feet makes sure Westport’s runners are equipped with the proper sneaker to stay fit.

With over 175 locations across America, Fleet Feet moved to Westport on 10 Sconset Square. Opened on Feb. 14, the store offers runners anything from running shoes and apparel to nutrition tips.

Fleet Feet also sells socks to go along with their sneakers.

“I am so excited to check out Fleet Feet,” Jillian Levin ’21 track team member said. “This store will come in handy for the upcoming season.”

In order to ensure right fit, they use a custom 3-D foot scanning process to give their customer the proper shoes for their feet.

The store sells many different sneaker brands.

“We are the only run-specialty store in the U.S. that provides a 3-D scan of the feet, which helps provide our expert fitters with precise measurements of foot shape and size so they can fit customers with the best shoe possible,” owner of Fleet Feet Dave Wright said.

Not only does the store sell shoes, but they also have a wide variety of running clothes and accessories. They sell athletic clothing like leggings and long sleeve tops, in addition to compression products.

Not only does the store sell shoes, but they also have a wide variety of running clothes and accessories.

“I am always looking for new clothing to run in,” Cailyn Lesher ’20 said. “I think the store will be very popular with the rest of the track team since they have clothes specifically for running.”

Along with shoes and other running accessories, this Fleet Feet location offers a training program. According to the Fleet Feet website, “The Westport Fleet Feet location will provide year-round training programs for every ability and distance, from 5k all the way up to marathons. We offer a fun and inclusive environment to help you reach any fitness goal you have.”

Fleet Feet also sells headphones and water bottles for Westport's runners.

Fleet Feet also provides many Staples students with job opportunities. “I love working at Fleet Feet because all of the customers are motivated, friendly people who are part of a larger athletic community,” employee Zoe Barnett ’19 said. “Overall the store is a friendly environment and welcoming running community.”

Fleet Feet provides Staples students with a place to buy all things fitness.

With the addition of the store, Westport residents can now buy running shoes and accessories, and enter themselves into the training program.

“With the proper guidance, the hard work, and a good pair of shoes,” marketing coordinator Ahad Chaudhry, said, “anyone can obtain their fitness goals.”

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