Goals Project Jonathan gutierrez english 2 period 2

My semester goal

  • This semester I plan to work harder and not have late work as much as I did last semester. I also plan to finish the semester with mostly A's in all my classes.
  • I will achieve this by:
  • Setting up hours a day for me to do homework or study.
  • Read more.
  • Study new things for all classes.

my English goal

  • My English goal is to turn in all my papers on time and work on them before the due date so I can get done earlier. Another goal i would like to achieve is to study more for English tests.
  • I will achieve this by:
  • Entering due dates on to my phone.
  • Working on my assignment as soon as a get them.
  • Studying more.

My high school goal

  • My high school goal is to graduate Thunderbird High School with an honors diploma. I also plan to be on the football team.
  • I will achieve this by:
  • Working harder in all my classes.
  • Training on the off season.

After high school goals

  • After high school I plan to go to college, maybe at Arizona State University and get a masters in either Architecture or Some type of engineering.
  • I will achieve this by:
  • studying my hardest
  • Working harder
  • Being responsible

Personal growth

  • For my personal growth I will work on my driving skills and personal skills. I also want to go out more and travel more with my friends and family.
  • I will achieve this by:
  • Practicing with my dad in open parking lots
  • Going out with my friends more
  • Travelling more
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