Luis's Bucketlist i hate bucketlists

1. I want a house that is two stories tall.I want many houses to invest money.i will rent my houses that i buy.
i want to drive an air plane. I always like planes when i was little. I what to do stunt with it and stuff.
I also want a car that is really expensive. when i get older i would like to fix up cars to
i would like to live on the beach.i want a lot of houses their to.
i want to visit paris for fun.
i would like to swim with sharks
i want food to be named after me
i would like to learn chinese instead off saying ping pong ching chong
i want to learn to scuba dive
i want try bungee jumping it looks scary
i want to jump off a plane and land in side another plane
i would like to snowboard and the face plant into a scorpion position
i would like to fire a canon and see how loud it is
i would like to run with usain bolt
i would like to buy as many shoes as I want
build something that is made from art
make an awesome fireworks show
i want to ride a dolphin even though that is impossible
i want to do a magic trick and play a trick with the mind


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