The Orders of Insecta Brett Cooper

Lepidoptera - Butterflies and Moths

They have 2 wings with overlapping shingle like scales and have sucking tube for a mouth. They have compound eyes and antennae on their head. They have a process where they transform from a caterpillar, into pupae, and then into a butterfly or moth.

Coleoptera - Beetles, Ladybugs, Fireflies

Largest known class on earth, with about 390,000 known species. All bugs in this class have a hard shell protecting the abdomen. The oldest Beetle fossils are 265 million years old.

Hymenoptera - Ants, Bees, Wasps

Skinny thorax with 4 wings, and are the most beneficial to humans because they are pollinators. They pollinate most all of crops, and without them we couldn't grow almost every fruit and vegetable we eat.

Hemiptera - shieldbugs, plant bugs, bed bugs, pondskaters, cicadas, water bugs, aphids and scale insects.

They have a sucking mouthpiece where they suck up juices from plants (and sometimes animals). They undergo an incomplete metamorphosis, from egg, to adult like nymphs, to winged adults. They have 3 compound eyes.

Odonata - Dragonflies and Damselflies

These are medium-large winged insects with a small thin abdomen. They eat small insects, like mosquitoes, but also eat honeybees, which make Odonata a pest for bee farmers. These bugs can shoot water out of the back of their abdomen and propell themselves forward.

Orthoptera - Grasshoppers and Locusts

They have 2 wings, large compound eyes, and undergo incomplete metamorphosis. These are mostly herbivores and the males are the only ones who sing (chirp).

Mantodea - Mantises.

These beautiful mantises have 2 pairs of wings and have elongated bodies. After they females and males mate, the female will kill the male and lay her over 1,000 eggs inside the corpse.


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