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“Anxiety and Uncertainty in Teenage boys”

Mr Myles Hogarty

College Principal

It is almost ironic that in an age of unprecedented wealth and opportunities among New Zealand school age students, there also hides in the shadows – the twin mental health issues – anxiety and depression.

The most recent statistics released still paint a very concerning picture of youth suicide in New Zealand. A tragedy when we consider the experiences and opportunities available to our young.

From my observations these issues tend to be growing. It is tempting to link a poor diet, lack of exercise, lack of sleep and social disconnection with these factors. I am sure everything is linked somehow. My experience in over 36 years in boy’s education is that boys generally do not respond to change very well.

Parental breakup in a relationship, a significant death in the family, absentee parents or a clash of parenting style, an unsympathetic coach or teacher, are just some of the conditions that surround a young man in these times, not to mention the uncertainty that sudden Lockdowns force upon us.

I am also convinced that “being a slave” to a digital device for all sorts of satisfaction in life – is not mentally healthy either.

At De La Salle we are teaching our young men of the need to turn off their devices and put more time into becoming mentally fit. Technology is a wonderful tool and something that our young men must become masters of, not slaves to.

Causes which contribute to our young men feeling anxious and possibly depressed include, the uncertainty of a parental break-up, the loss of a close family member, the use of drugs, lack of engagement with their school, dropping out of a sport, and the loss of hope through negative social media experiences which influence a young impressionable mind.

Parents, do you know what your son is viewing or posting on-line while on his device ?

Talk to him about this and ask him to share what he is doing.

At De La Salle we attempt to keep all of our young men mentally fit through a consistent and structured daily routine that avoids uncertainty and change.

An opportunity for every boy to perform Service to his community, allowing him to see that there are others who may be a lot more in need than him. A very grounding experience which every young man at De La Salle must perform through our Service programme.

A very tough stance on drugs, violence or any behaviour that destroys respect towards others in the College.

A Weekly Note which allows our young men and their parents to track their overall attitude and engagement in their studies.

Opportunities to participate in a range of sports, music and service activities.

Experiences of prayer as a whole community and the observance of our Catholic and Lasallian traditions and rituals.

Challenging our young men to regularly reflect on their progress and plan for improvement in small steps for all of their work.

These are just small but important conditions in a young man’s life at De La Salle.

They are designed to reduce any uncertainty or anxiety that our young men may face.

I am sure that there are many other factors which may contribute to anxiety and depression in a young man’s life, we as a College don’t have all the answers or solutions, but through our constant prayer, concern and messages of hope that we share with our young men hopefully we can keep them a little more mentally fit.

Our weekly Masses have commenced, sports practices and subject after-school tuition classes are in full-swing, junior Retreat days are taking place, there are numerous opportunities for our young men to participate and engage in the rituals, routines and educational activities that we offer for them.

  • Congratulations to the large number of young men who participated in our Annual Athletics Day, a positive event allowing our young men to highlight their many athletic skills and talent.
  • Thanks to our committed and concerned Staff who moved into the on-line teaching style immediately last week to keep our young men on track with their learning. After our 4th Lockdown experience, we are becoming very skilled at this style of teaching.

We are at the end of one whole uninterrupted week, long may this continue.

God Bless

associate principal

Mr Dermot English

"Lets be Honest"

On Ash Wednesday I did a reflection about being honest. Being honest about how we feel and about how we affect those around us. Now is a good time to take another look at how we are going, a month or so into Lent.

I have been thinking about patience, because that’s what I seem to struggle with. I expect people to do things quickly, which means I sometimes don’t give them enough notice of when it needs to be done.

What about you? What is it that you were going to be more honest about? It might be anger, that you do feel it more than you admit, and that it does affect those around you. If you have been honest about it, have you been able to do something to practice dealing with it better?

Maybe lockdown bought up some issues. Thinking about academic study, did it bring up the issue of self-motivation or self-management. Without the teacher in your room did you do anything? Did you engage online.

Remember how keen we were to get out of lockdown and get back to school? Well, have we kept that sense of gratitude now that we are back. We show that gratitude through our effort. If we aren’t trying then we don’t really appreciate being here.

I have seen some boys, this term, who have made mistakes sit down, think about it and learn from them.

Lets be honest, its hard to change ourselves a lot in a short time. So lets look for signs of growth, however small. I still don’t always give enough notice, but its better than before. Maybe you have been able to meet more assessment deadlines than before. Maybe there was just that one occasion when you didn’t get angry.

Lets keep using our Lenten season to be honest about who and how we are, and pray to God for the honesty and discipline to be able to change, at least to some degree.

Nga mihi nui


Deputy Principal - Mr Phil Doyle

Academic Update


Three new students have achieved an Excellence Endorsement and have gained the College Scholar’s tie.

  • Nikhil Gosai - Excellence Endorsement NCEA Level 2
  • Ross Kipisi - Excellence Endorsement NCEA Level 2
  • Xavier Vito - Excellence Endorsement NCEA Level 2
Xavier Vito, Ross Kapisi & Nikhil Gosai

NCEA Internal Assessments well underway

If your son is in Year 11 -13 internal assessment is underway. This will be worth credits towards NCEA.

Weekly Notes

Weekly Notes are being sent out each week. Students and families at all levels receive a Weekly Note by email each week. It has been difficult with the Alert Level 3 so you will see some gaps until classes settle down.

An example of a Weekly Note is shown below. The scores given rate your son's effort, engagement, attitude and behaviour as well as completion of classroom tasks and homework each week on a scale of 1 – 5. The Weekly Note also shows your son’s attendance for the week.

1 = Well Below 2 = Below Expectation 3 = At Expectation 4 = Above Expectation 5 = Well Above

If you are not receiving the Weekly note or would like to update your email details please contact your son’s homeroom teacher or send a note in your son’s Diary. If you have any questions about the Weekly Note we recommend you make contact with your son’s Homeroom teacher.

School Laptops and Internet access

If your Year 11 – 13 son does not have access to a reliable device at home please make contact with your son’s dean and we will put him on the list for a loan device with the codicils that he bring the laptop to school each day, pays for any loss or damages up to $100 and returns it when requested.

If your son does not have access to internet at home please make contact with your son’s Homeroom teacher.

If your son does have a laptop for school we want him to bring it to school every day. Students can register their device with Mr Patua, our ICT support, every lunchtime in H4. This enables your son to access the internet/wifi while at school. Note: We turn off the wifi at break and lunchtimes.


Deputy Principal - Mr Elton Charles


Miss Puleiku- Year 11 Dean

Tony Laulu- Digital Discipline

Tony runs workshops and training around Social Media/Technology addiction and well-being.

He came out to visit with the Year 11 students and said they were one of the most well behaved and respectful school groups he's facilitated so far. They had well articulated thoughts and contributed massively in all discussion points.

One interesting and unsurprising theme he said is "they already know" and feel the massive pull of influence that social media can have on a young person. A lack of education around digital well being is the missing part in their social media experience.

Facilitator Tony Laulu


Assistant Principal for Mission - Mr Kane Raukura

Lasallian Year of St Joseph

Dear Lasallians

2021 is a special year of celebration for Saint Joseph – please read the kind letter from our Lasallian Institute in Rome.

“In 1871, Pope Pius IX declared Saint Joseph Patron of the Catholic Church. On the 150th anniversary of the declaration, Pope Francis declared 2021 a special Year of Saint Joseph “in which each member of the faithful, by his example, can daily strengthen his or her own life of faith in the full fulfilment of the will of God”.

The devotion of our Founder to Saint Joseph is well known. Days before his death, John Baptist de La Salle urged his Brothers to have a special devotion to this Guardian of Jesus and the Patron of our Institute. Saint Joseph is our model: Joseph, the man of confidence and faith in God; Joseph, the just and humble man. With Mary he raised and educated Jesus.

In his biography of the Founder, Canon Blain explains De La Salle’s devotion to Saint Joseph:

What struck him most in the admirable life of the holy spouse of the Mother of God was his great docility to the action of Divine Providence, his submission to the most vexing commands, his prompt obedience to the voice of the Lord, his hidden life, his angelic chastity and, finally, his tenderness and love for Jesus and Mary. Virtues of this great saint that he longed to imitate.” – Brother Robert Schieler (Brother Superior of the DLS Brothers).

I invite you to join the People of God and the entire Institute in celebrating the Year of Saint Joseph. In a special way, let us ask our Patron to accompany us as we compassionately respond to the sickness and suffering caused by the COVID-19 virus both here in NZ and around the world.

Retreats Year 7 and 9

Over the last number of weeks we have conducted retreats for both the Year 7 and Year 9 homerooms. These have happened in our college chapel and have been facilitated by old boys at the University of Auckland (called our UniLasalle Group) and senior college leaders and Mr Matthew Apuda (our Campus Minister). The retreats were a wonderful opportunity for personal growth, developing the students spirituality and forming them into young men of faith and community. Many thanks for to our facilitators and to the homeroom teachers for their kind support.

Lenten Prayer

Loving God,

we hear your call

to all who thirst

for a brighter future:

Come to the water.

Pour out your Spirit upon us

and lead us to walk

alongside one another.

Let a desire for change

well up within us.

May we overflow with

compassion and love.

And as a stream

wears away stone,

may we reshape

our world together

to reflect your kingdom

of hope for all.


ict academy

Director ICT - Mr John Singh

Term 1 Holiday Computer Course for Years 11 & 12

Year 11 & 12 students are invited to register their interest in doing Level 2 Digital Literacy course (10 Credits) during the second week of Term 1 Holidays at the Techtorium Institute of Technology in Newmarket.

Digital Literacy involves using knowledge and skills in a range of digital devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop PCs, all of which are seen as network rather than computing devices. Digital Literacy is an important aspect of Digital Citizenship where someone has the ability to be active citizens in online environments with the technical literacy skills necessary to engage with the web.

Contact Mr J Singh for Registration details

healthy school lunches programme

From Monday 22nd March, all students will receive a healthy lunch from the College at no cost to our families. The food will be distributed to our young men at our first morning break at 11.25am as this is the time when we have noted that our young men are most hungry.

There are 2 options that our young men can choose, a hot or cold meal option, the Weekly Menu is shown below. Students do not have to pre-order their meal, they can choose which option they prefer at the distribution point.​

Years 7 & 8 students will have their food distributed from B Block outside their Classrooms.

Years 9 – 13 students will have their food distributed from our Tuckshop in Year level lines.

Parents are welcome to send their son to school with food from home if they prefer, the Healthy lunch scheme is not compulsory. The College Tuckshop will continue to operate and sell food and drink items.

There will be an opportunity for students to have “seconds” as any left-over lunches will be distributed at our Lunchtime from the Tuckshop.

Any school group who will be outside the College at Interval will have their lunch packed to take with them, the Teacher taking the activity off-site will distribute the lunch to the students.

The Healthy Lunch menu that we will offer our young men has been checked by the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health who have complemented our current supplier on the quality and nutritional value of the food.

This new initiative is a great way to address some of the poor eating habits of young adults that lead to a range of health issues and illnesses.

Parents, there is no real need to send your son to school with money to buy food.

Of particular concern is the number of our young men who still have a pie and can of coke for breakfast on their way to school; not the right food for young growing bodies and brains. I hope that our Healthy Lunch programme will teach our students the importance of making wise food choices.

We look forward to seeing how the Healthy Lunch programme will improve our young men’s overall health and educational development.

thank you zoono

The College would like to thank ZOONO for their very generous donation of Hand Sanitiser to us. Each class will have the product available for the students and staff to use as part of their COVID hygiene routine. Please support ZOONO when you are purchasing any hygiene products for your own family or business.

We thank Henry Hyslop from ZOONO once again for his kind and thoughtful donation to De La Salle.

Lockdown competition

Logo Design

The logo lock-down competition was very popular, and it was very hard to choose the winners from each class. Well done to all of those who gave it a go and entered, your entries demonstrated outstanding design skills and creativity.

The brief

  • Design a LOGO that represents the identity of your core class.
  • The logo must be eye catching, meaningful and transferable.
  • The design must clearly show your class name e.g. 9M

The deciding factors came down to the student’s ability to meet the brief and to create something appropriate for purpose. Therefore, several entries looked amazing, but they had been developed beyond the point of a logo. They had become posters and were no longer transferable and simplistic. Another common mistake was where the designer had forgotten the audience of the logos and therefore, imagery choices made where not appropriate representations of DLS College.

Interclass Zoom Meeting competition

The brief

  • Join with your classmates and create a winning zoom meeting.
  • This could be a lesson with a twist, some comic relief, or a creative way to make online lessons fun and engaging.

Thank you to all of the classes and staff that participated. The results showed great team spirit, and creativity and provided lots of laughs in a tough time.

  • 1st place – Year 8 Te Reo Maori
  • 2nd place – 9LAU and 9VAT representing Solomon house
  • 3rd place – DLS staff

commerce trip to tip top ice-cream factory

16 ACE students completing Accounting and Economics Foundation course, visited the Tip Top Ice-cream factory in Penrose. It was a very entertaining experience as students were taken on a tour around the factory as well as attending question and answer sessions with the Tip Top management team. The tour finished with students tasting the most delicious types of ice-creams made by Tip Top including Memphis meltdown, Trumpet, Jelly Tip, Polar Pie and Rocky Road. This trip set the foundation for the upcoming Economics assessment on the concept of interdependence and physical and financial flow that circulate within NZ economy. Tip Top like all other businesses in New Zealand rely on other producers, governments, customers, banks, and overseas markets to produce their ice-cream. The examples seen and shared on the tour will help students deepen their understanding of the concept, enabling them to write answers in more detail leading to better grades.

Accounting and Economics Foundation students with Mrs Leau

intermediate school

Excerpts of reports about Sir Br. Pat’s Year 7 Talk

Br Pat spoke about his journey and his experience. He said he went to Holy Cross AND St Joseph’s Otahuhu. He was in Benildus house, which is my house too. He also spoke about always reaching for the stars and aiming for excellence. Hearing Brother speak made me proud to be a Lasallian…

By Niklis Toti 7TUF

Br Pat was in charge of all the Catholic schools in New Zealand. He has been to 35 different countries and has visited every continent except for Africa. He lived in Papatoetoe his whole life and attended different schools. I learnt so much from him including facts about our school…

By Sean Laberinto 7TUF

Thank you to Mr Anderton for creating our Br Pat bookmark as a memento of our talk. We will remember Brother’s words for many years to come.

Accounts receivable/school fees clerk

Whaea Michelle

Kia ora my name is Michelle Timoti-Hohaia, also known as Whaea Michelle. I am the new Accounts Receivable clerk.

I am so excited to be joining the De La Salle community.

I am really looking forward to getting to know you all. I am blessed that I already know so many families, thank you for making me feel so welcome. I am passionate about Catholic Education and my goal is to strengthen the partnership between our school, parents, whanau and the wider school community.

A little bit about me:

  • I have lived and worked in Otahuhu for the last 13 years.
  • I have worked at St Joseph's School in Otahuhu for the last 6 years in the school office.
  • I attend St Joseph & St Joachim Parish in Otahuhu with my whanau.
  • I serve on the Board of Trustees at St Joseph's School Otahuhu

Please feel free to contact me with queries regarding Attendance Dues & School Contributions, Scholarships & Financial Assistance.

Communication is key and I hope that you will feel comfortable coming to talk to me with any questions or concerns.

I will aim to email statements at least twice per term thus making it important that we have your current up to date email address.

If you would prefer a hard copy in the post let us know and we will arrange this for you.

Finally, thank you again for the warm welcome and I look forward to working with you all.

gateway co-ordinator

Grant Hobbs

Kia orana, my name is Grant Hobbs and have the honour of looking after the Trades programme with the Year 13 students. I also run the Gateway programme for Year 11, 12 and 13 students.

There are some great contacts and networks in the Community. If you are part of a Trade, e.g. building, mechanic, plumber, scaffolding and you are able to have our students on work experience, please contact me HobbsG@delasalle.school.nz.

We have students at NZMA at the moment doing the certificate in Carpentry and we also have courses available at the Warehouse, Warehouse Stationery, and a number of different places that suit the needs of our students.

I've had the honour of meeting some fantastic parents and families, especially those in the Trades programme and I'm available anytime to speak with you about placements.


Miguel: Athletics Day House Winners

Service Portfolio

For all students wanting service hours, the Service Portfolio has a few service opportunities available for you. If you are willing to take part in these service opportunities, please see Mr. Apuda, or Men of Service Leaders: Jordan Mika or Ma'alo Lafo.

Upcoming Service Opportunities

Date: Saturday 20 March - Red Cross Donations

Time: 9am - 6pm (students can arrange time to suit their schedules)


  • Countdown Mangere East - 359 Massey Road
  • Countdown Mangere Mall - Mangere Town Centre, Bader Drive

Date - Saturday 27th March - Eye on Nature Family Day Trail

Time: 9am- 4pm (students can arrange time to suit their schedules)

Location: Auckland Botanic Gardens - 102 Hill Rd, Manurewa

MMR Vaccinations

The MMR vaccination will be available at the College on Thursday 8 April. Consent forms are available from the nurses.


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