Williamburg Trip 2017 George wythe- Charlie seo


Barrels- storage house

The barrels were held in storage houses which was a very important building with many different kinds of supplies. The barrels are made of wood and the English introduced this tool. The purpose for the barrels was to bring barrels on ships, the barrels full with weapons, animals, supplies etc.The barrels are round so they can have the most space as possible also if it falls off a boat it will float.

Susan Constant

The Susan Constant was the English settler's biggest ship. The Susan Constant and the Godspeed were rented boats. But the discovery was owned by the Virginia company, it was the smallest boat of the 3. Under the ship they held all their supplies. Sometimes the English don't catch wind and can be stuck in the middle of nowhere for days. There are windows under but they close them so water doesn't get in, so there is no light. People took turns in working, depending on the weather. Just in case on the ships they have guns and cannons becasue anyone can attack even though it is not likely. They navigate from a compas rose and tract their speed in knots.



Inside the shop

Today I George Wythe accidentally broke my brand new cabinet now in need of a new one. I walked over to the cabinet maker's shop the same one I always go to. I always liked the people who worked there, they are really kind and they wood pieces are all really nice. Although i was a little frustrated that i broke a new cabinet i just got a few days ago, i am more wealthy then others but i still don't like wasting money.

As I walked in I noticed that it smelled like wood, shavings everywhere not the most pleasant smell but i was used to it. I saw men working really hard, I saw so many items that were very nice, it was good to know how much work they put into these items. I heard loud noises like sawing wood, hammering and more. I was hiding my thoughts about the horribly loud noise. I felt all the cabinets seeing which ones are smooth and which ones are the right size. Nothing different though.

I could afford everything in the shop, cabinets, stools, chairs, desks, e.c.t. But i was only interested in getting my cabinet. I slowly and carefully picked out what i wanted and took out my sliver and paid. That was my day.

Life inside a home

Dining room

Today was a tiring day, I had a teaching session with my student Thomas Jefferson. I love learning and there is nothing I love more, it's always a fun expirence to find out something new. I admire my house, I am a hard working man with much more money than others. When I was admiring the house with beautiful wallpaper, nice furniture and a warm fireplace i was getting quite hungry.

I go to the kitchen and tell my slaves that I was getting hungry, and they say dinner will be served at 3:00 lastest. I like having dinner early because I get rather hungry, I have slaves but I try to be a nice owner, I don't like having slaves, and I try to free some, but I need some to help with the house. I go to the dining room for dinner. I always eat in here, I start to set up the table. I did not use my fancy utensils because it is not a special occasion. So i use the regular silver spoons, forks and knives. I like to have dinner because it is a time to socialize and catch up on important news. My dinner usually takes an hour and a half to two hours eat.

After dinner i go to the Parlor room it is my favorite room in the house. I like this room because someone is usually playing an intrement in that room and it calms me. It is also a nice place to play cards, to sit down and let the fire place warm you up. It is also a nice room with fine paintings admire, I also do some work in that room which I always enjoy doing.

Nothing interesting happened today, a regular day to me

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