Warren Truss Bridge -Liz robertson and erica frankenhoFf

Materials: 130 popsicle sticks, Elmer's glue, and rubber bands

Day One: Erica and I decided to start by making 14 triangles and 18 x's. To start making one of the triangles, we first took three sticks. Then, we set one of the sticks horizontally and flat onto the table. Next, we took one of the other two sticks and overlapped it about one centimeter onto the end of the first stick. The second stick is angled at a 60 degree angle going to the inside of the first stick. Then, the same thing is done with the third stick. Then, we lifted the second two sticks and put a small dab of glue on the ends of the first stick where the other two had been. Next, the two sticks were replaced onto the dabs of glue. At the top of the triangle where the second two sticks meet, a small dab of glue is placed on the flat part of the end of the bottom stick, and the top stick is replaced onto the dab of glue. Next, it is set out to dry. This process is repeated 13 times. To make the x's, a dab of glue was but on the middle of the flat part of one stick. Then, the stick was put on top of the edge of the ruler, perpendicular to it. Then, a second stick is put perpendicular to the ruler at the 2 1/4 mark. Next, the sticks are moved towards each other, making sure the ends don't move from the ruler. Then, the second stick is put on top of the dab of glue and held together. This process is repeated 17 times.

Day Two: Some of the x's needed to be glued back together since they had fallen apart. That day, we glued together a row of triangles and a row of x's. To glue together the triangles, we two triangles next to each other horizontally so that the ends are touching. Then, another popsicle stick is taken and had a line of glue put on one of the flat sides. Then, the glue side is put onto the two triangle bottoms evenly. The same is done to the other side of the triangles. This process is repeated until all 7 triangles are connected. Then, it needs to dry. To connect the x's, small dabs of glue were placed about 1/2 centimeter from the ends on the flat part of the stick. Then, the ends of another x is placed onto the dabs of glue. This is repeated 7 times, and be sure to allow the glue to dry.

Day Three: Erica and I put together the second set of triangles and x's. Repeat the same steps from Day Two.

Day Four: Erica and I made the top supports. To do so, dabs of glue were put onto the flat ends of sticks on 5 of the sticks. The glue needs to be 1/2 centimeter away from the ends. On two more sticks, small dabs of glue need to be placed on one end of the flat ends of the sticks. Then, the sticks are put together onto the dabs of glue so that there are overlapping about a centimeter. Then, they are held together until the glue is dry. This process is repeated once more.

Day Five: The top support was added to one of the tops of the triangles. To do so, dabs of glue were put to the tops of the flat parts of the triangles all on the same side. Then, one of the top supports was set onto the dabs of glue to dry.

Day Six: The other top support is added to the other set of triangles. Repeat the steps from Day Five.

Day Seven: I was not in class this day due to me working on my solo for Solo/Ensemble Contest. Erica decided not to work on it without me because it would be easier and better with me there.

Day Eight: the top and bottom x's are added. First, one set of x's is put onto the table, and the. One set of triangles is set on top of the edges of the x's. Then, rubber bands were tied where the x's connected, and they were tied to the bottoms of the triangles. Then, glue was put between the triangles and the x's, and left to dry. The same is done with the top x's. After the glue is dry, the rubber bands were removed.

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