Leeming SHS Newsletter Volume 2 April 2019


Thank you to all the parents, students and staff for making this a smooth start to 2019.

In particular, our Year 7 students and new staff who have settled in very quickly. Our current student numbers are 1106, which means we are full in all year groups and we have a total of 74 full-time teachers. It has been a very busy term with many information sessions, parent teacher interviews and most recently, our Open Day. New parents to the school are very impressed with the feeling within the school and the positive attitude and behaviour of students.

Next term will again be very busy with Year 7 and 9 students completing NAPLAN online and Year 10 students sitting OLNA. This will cause some disruptions as students sit the tests and other year groups will have to move out of the computer labs for short periods of time. Also our Year 11 students who will be sitting their first serious exams and of course, the Year 12s who are engaged in the very serious business of completing their second last semester at High School.

Our School Board met for the first time two weeks ago. The Board passed the 2019 budget and also the Uniform Committee's recommendations for changes to the uniform policy. This is the first stage of the process and more information will become available as the year progresses, suffice to say that there are no actual changes to the uniform at the moment.

Improvements to the school site continue to be made. With the work in the Maths block, Administration and Student Services completed, the installation of the two new transportable classrooms outside the HASS block are well under way so that they will be available for the start of Term 2. I would like to take this opportunity to wish all students a safe and happy holiday. An important reminder that Term 2 begins for students on Monday 29 April. I would also like to thank all of the Teaching, Administration, Office and Ancillary staff at Leeming for their support and professionalism during Term 1 and welcome back Mr Wallwork for the start of Term 2.

Mr D. Atthowe, Principal

term 2 dates to remember
  1. 29 April - Students Commence Term 2
  2. 8 May - 1st Year 8 Vaccination
  3. 8 May to 10 May - Music Camp
  4. 8 May to 11 May - Drama Evening Performance
  5. 9 May - Year 7 and Year 8 Cyber Safety Talks
  6. 10 May - Year 11 Biology Excursion to Mundaring
  7. 13 May - Senior School Music Evening
  8. 14 May - NAPLAN Commences

In a bid to streamline communication, be more cost efficient and environmentally friendly, we will soon be launching a School App called Schoolstream.

The first links working on the App will be:

  • Absentees
  • Newsletters
  • Quickcliq – Canteen Menu Order
  • Connect
  • Payments
  • Website
  • Facebook page
  • Calendar of Events

Once we have reached an 80%-100% uptake we will then extend its use to Alerts, Messages, Forms, Interview Bookings, etc. We will be launching early in Term 2. Keep an eye out for the announcement!

Year coordinator bulletin

Year 7 - Team building activities

It has been a big term for our Year 7s as they began their High School journey at Leeming SHS. Students have been very busy meeting lots of new students, new teachers and finding their way around amongst the bushland landscape of the school.

The Year 7s have done very well settling into their new school routines, discovering the wide range of classes and electives offered at High School. Students have been involved in various activities both before school and during break times, some of which include the breakfast club, table tennis, basketball, frisbee and cricket.

Some of the highlights of the term have been the Year 7 Parent-Teacher Meet-and-Greet, in which a sausage sizzle took place in the Year 7 undercover area, and the House Group Team Building Activities in Week 4. Students competed in a variety of team building games and sporting activities in the race for House Points. Findlay came out victorious with the most House Points overall but Grady also deserves a mention for their winning performance in the Tug-of-War Battle that concluded the day.

It has overall been a great start to the year and I would like to wish all of our Year 7 students and parents a safe and happy holiday break.

Ms C. O’Sullivan, Year 7 Coordinator

design and technology

Year 10 - engineering introduction

It’s all happening in the Metal and Engineering workshop. The new Year 10 Introduction to Engineering course is well underway and the workshop is filled with hardworking and enthusiastic students.

Students are excited to attend every lesson, with some arriving at 7.30 am every morning and also turning up at lunchtimes, so they can work on their projects. The work produced by the students is of a very high standard and I am amazed at how easily they have adapted to the extended program. Students are working on a variety of projects such as a pad saw, bevel gauge and even an old style mini bike. As this is a practical course, the students use a variety of tools and equipment such as the lathe, mill, fabrication and welding equipment and a range of hand and power tools. Well done everyone.

Mr S. Heatherly, Design and Technology Teacher/ Year 11 and 12 Coordinator

Science and Technology Academy- An Approved Specialist Program

astronomy camp

In Week 6 Year 9 STA members participated in the Astronomy Camp. We visited Yanchep National Park, toured the caves and learnt about the local ecosystem and cave formation. After lunch we were met by one the Yanchep tour guides, Mr Nannup, who talked to us about aboriginal cultural practices, family structure and the design and use of tools. Mr Nannup explained how aboriginal people safe-guard the environment by taking only what is needed. The students also learnt about how knowledge is passed on through art work, stories and dance. This aspect of the camp specifically addressed the Cross Curricular Priorities outlined in the West Australian Curriculum.

In the evening we went to the Gravity Discovery Centre Observatory to learn about the structure of stars and the particular clusters of stars we would be viewing through the telescopes; Newton, Sega and Einstein. We had the opportunity to view the Moon, the Orion Nebula and the Jewel Box constellations.

The following day we returned to the Gravity Discovery Centre to explore the exhibits. Students gained an understanding of gravity and gravitational waves. They calculated the force of gravity using a pendulum and observed gravity acting on objects by dropping water balloons from the Leaning Tower of Gin Gin.

Astronomy Camp proves to be a very valuable educational experience for the students, setting the scene for the student of Physical Sciences in upper school.

Term 1 Challenge

This term STA members have been working in teams to design and build CO2 dragsters with bolsa wood. Mr MacKenzie has been running workshops with the help of Mr Wegwermer to help students. Testing took place on Friday 5 April and on Monday 8 April. The competition winners will be announced early in Term 2.

Mind Mash

In Term 2 Year 8 and 9 students are invited to participate in a 5-week series of robotics and coding workshops presented by Mind Mash. The series will be facilitated by Mr Peter Atkinson from Mind Mash who specialises in the delivering of coding and robotics programs, across all year levels, using the EV3 Lego MindStorm robots. Mind Mash brings STEM alive for school-aged children, with modern, fun and energetic programs. The workshops will be on Mondays 3-4.30 pm in the library and costs $82.50. The first workshop will take place on 6 May in Week 2.

STEM Literacy Challenge

STA members are encouraged to participate in the STEM Literacy Challenge. This challenge is designed to develop students’ interests in particular fields of Science and also develop their ability, to extract meaning from informational texts; developing their literacy skills. Literature review templates are available on Connect, as are the links to a number of on-line journals that are suitable for young readers.

Students should aim to complete one article review per week as part of their home study, and glue these into a scrap book or put them in a display folder. Up to 50 STA points are awarded per term for the submission of their scrap books.

STAWA Science Talent Search

In Term 2 STA members are invited to enter the Science Teachers Association of WA Science Talent Search competition. In this competition students work in teams or individually to develop a unique research question. They will design and conduct an experiment, collect data and present their findings. The report will be submitted for judging to STAWA in early August. Workshops will take place on Wednesday afternoons from 3-4pm for students to work in teams to design their investigation and conduct their experiments. This competition can also be completed independently at home. The first after school session will take place in Week 1 where students will develop their research question. Further information about the competition is available on Connect.

Term 2 Challenge

Next term students are invited to participate in the Term 2 Challenge which is to produce a report about a human impact on the environment. This task is designed to develop students questioning, research and communication skills, and also to broaden their general knowledge about human impacts and the technological advances in monitoring and pollution control.

To complete this challenge, students are to develop their own research questions on a particular human impact and to carry out research. The report can be presented in many ways including a video news item, a PowerPoint, booklet, leaflet or newspaper article. STA points will be awarded for creativity.

Information and a step-by step guide to completing the task will also be available on Connect.

Canberra 2019

The final planning is taking place for the Canberra Tour taking place in July. We will be leaving in the early hours of Friday 19 July and returning in the afternoon of the 28 July. The final costing, itinerary, permission forms and health forms have been distributed through the Canberra Tour Flexi Class soon. The students will be accompanied by Dr Janes (Tour Leader), Ms Sharron Turner and Mr Miles Nelson.

Dr E. Janes, HOLA Science


Written by Raine I.

Day 1

The day started off with everybody gathering together to head to the bus. After packing our bags into the trailer and finding our seats on the bus, we headed to Yanchep Park to take photos and have a look around. It was very lovely there and had many good spots to take photos with friends.

Yanchep Park

After the park, we all went to the Crystal Caves. In the caves, we were taught about stalactites and stalagmites. They’re sharp formations of rock that are often seen in caves, with stalagmites reaching upwards and stalactites pointing downwards. It was fairly cold and humid inside of the caves, although it was nice in comparison to the hot sun outside. The rocks forming the walls of the cave (most of the time) weren’t directly attached to the floor. This is because there was once a stream that ran through the cave, however over time it disappeared leaving a generally clear path to follow. When we left the cave, we all sat in the park to eat lunch together.

A while later, after a brief trip on the bus, we arrived in a very natural area where an aboriginal man spoke to us about his culture and different tools that were/are used by aboriginals. Examples of these include a spear, two kinds of shields for deflecting arrows and plants that were burned as torches. We were told that aboriginal culture was still very present throughout Australia, with different customs and rules still in place to this day. He also played the digeridoo, replicating sounds that represented different animals (dingos, emus, kangaroos, etcetera) and playing songs that sounded fantastic. He asked people to stand up and act out being emus, and when he played the sound that symbolised dingoes, they were to run. After the presentation was finished, everyone walked around an area that had koalas and tried to find them in the trees. They were all sleeping peacefully and were very cute.

A long bus trip to the dorms then occurred. When we all arrived, the girls were first to go to their place in the residence and choose who to room with. Many people went in the rooms with four beds, mostly because those rooms had power outlets to charge phones with. People began to look around the place. It was very nice there, and was very pleasant to stay in. We all then went on a walk to the river. It was beautiful there.

During the night, we visited the Gin Gin Observatory. There, we learned about star formations, comets and the moon. We were taken to a large area with telescopes to look at the stars and the moon. We looked the Orion Nebula, Jewel Box Cluster, Omega Centauri and 47 Tucanae. All of them were extremely beautiful. While looking at the night sky, space junk could be seen flashing through the sky and tumbling through space.

The Moon
Day 2

After everybody got out of bed and ate breakfast, we headed back to the Gin Gin Observatory to do the daytime activities. One of these was to walk along a long path to have a scaled down version of how far the planets are from one another. This seemed like a lot of walking to do but was nothing compared to the following activity of climbing up a tall tower of stairs. The leaning tower of Gin Gin is 222 steps tall and a staggering 45 metres tall. It was terrifying at the top, although the view was impressive. After this, we were brought back to the telescopes to observe the sun. When looked at closely ripples could be seen on the edges, being the fiery heat and flames from the sun itself. After heading back to the main area and doing some activities inside of the centre, we did a worksheet by reading panels on the walls of a building with an interesting hexagon/pentagon roof.

Gin Gin Observatory is a very fun place, and I would love to visit it again someday. Overall, Astronomy Camp was a wonderful experience and I enjoyed it a whole lot.

The Sun


Modelling our world

The last few weeks have seen Year 8 Geographers moving beyond observing images to terraforming landforms. With the help of a little modelling clay, students turned contour lines spot heights into knolls, cliffs, mountains and valleys- all were transformed into their true 3D glory. But how were they formed in real life? With the aid of some suspiciously sweet flowing magma breaking free of the Earth’s thin chocolate-coloured crust, students were about to find out.

Modelling the World
... And modelling ourselves

Emerson Pugh once said that “if the human brain was so simple that we could understand it, we would be too simple to understand it.” Undaunted by this complexity, Leeming Psychology students’ brains have been working in overdrive as they model their own brains from the inside out, starting from individual neurons.

Our Psychology class created their own brain model - Understanding the functions of the brain, starting from individual neurons.
From high flying strategies

Falling from a balloon at high altitude is not a bad metaphor for Australian Politics. Ms Bunch’s Year 9 politics students took it to a new level when they competed to justify high flying strategies to influence voters or fall into political obscurity.

... to the depths of the earth

Year 12 Geography students donned hard hats and got practical at Alcoa’s Huntley mine site where they applied their geographical knowledge to the real world problem of declining land cover. Restoring land cover by rehabilitating desolate post-mining landscapes is a complex process that will require all their geography understanding and skill, if they are to reclaim the land and their future.

... Even taking on the universe!

In their quest for understanding, Year 7 AEP students turned the school into a giant ruler to help them appreciate the major thresholds of “Big History”. Armed with a surveyor’s wheel, calculator and a sense of wonder, students successfully compressed 13.8 billion years into an 140m corridor through the middle of the school. Their scale completed, they set out to educate the rest of the school with cleverly devised models, props and attractive chalk-based art work to decorate their eight Thresholds of Increasing Complexity.

Leeming Senior High School Students showing their creativity with the eight Thresholds of Increasing Complexity.

HASS has it all!

Ms R. Murray, HASS Teacher


OzClo 2019

Can you decipher Mongolian? Or the runic script on the carved stone Cippus Abellanus from the 2nd century BCE?

For the first time at Leeming SHS, during Wednesday of Week 6, twenty-four Year 9 AEP students took part in the intial online round of the 2019 Australian Linguistics and Computational Olympiad, or OzClo for short. This is a prestigious international competition, hosted in WA by UWA, which tests students from Years 9 to 12 on their logical, semiotic and linguistic capacities under timed conditions. Leeming SHS students competed against state and private school students from across Australia for the chance to win bronze, silver or gold certificates; the top four teams in each year group category are invited to attend the offline round at UWA later this year.

Considering that most junior teams consisted of both Year 9 and 10 students, our results as first-time competitors were outstanding. Out of 62 teams in total, our top silver certificate winning team of Rumesha S., Piper M., Kaylee C. and Raine I. were a mere 5.5 points away from winning a gold! Two more teams also gained silver certificates: Jacinta C., Felicity C., Alice J., Aelan N., Tristin C., Jayden C., Caitlin W. and Elisha A.

Pei Le L., Methab J., Sophie A., Samiha K., Zara H., Beatriz D.C B., Klara B., Tegan S. and Brendan S., Elliot C., Meysam S. and Corwyn S. all achieved a bronze certificate.

Congratulations to everyone involved and we look forward to even greater successes next year!

Ms J. Armstrong, English HOLA and Ms Kulasekera


Japanese Club

It has been a busy few weeks at the Japanese Club. The club provides students with opportunities for language extension and cultural enrichment. Over the past few weeks, our students have learned about Hinamatsuri (The Doll's Festival) and the traditional art of Shodo (calligraphy). The Club has proven popular with our students; each session has had over 30 students attend, ranging from Years 7 to 12. All students are welcome to join the Japanese Club. The club runs from 3-4pm every Tuesday in LE7.

Picture 1: ひなにんぎょう "Hina dolls", Picture 2: しょどう "Calligraphy"

Ms S. Burrows and Mr E. Lee, Japanese Teachers

Home Economics

Year 7 home economics class

It has been a very busy and productive start to the school year for the Home Economics students. The Year 7 students in "Kids in the Kitchen" have been building up their knife skills by making fruit kebabs.

Mrs I. Hayrebet, Home Economics Teacher

Year 9 Food Gifts students

Leeming Senior High Schools Year 9 Food Gifts students have been creating ways to present their muffins and cupcakes. Their packaging ideas are not only fantastic, but also very sustainable!

Mrs I. Hayrebet, Home Economics Teacher

Year 10 Hospitality Coffee Training

This term the Year 10 Hospitality students undertook barista training delivered by the Barista School Perth. Students spent two hours learning how to use the school's coffee machine to make cafe standard coffees. Our budding baristas have since been putting their new skills into action by making coffees for staff each week as part of the Leeming SHS Coffee Club. The Hospitality students will be increasing their services to the students in Term 2 once a week. Information will be posted on Connect next term.

Mrs D. Sutherland, Home Economics Teacher

Our Year 10 Hospitality Students receiving Barista Training from Barista School Perth.
Year 12 - Certificate II Community Services

Our Year 12 Certificate II Community Services students have been involved in making sandwiches and soup for the homeless of Perth through the Salvation Army.

Mrs I. Hayrebet, Home Economics Teacher


We are pleased to announce that the Mathematical Association of Western Australia (MAWA) has accredited Leeming Mathematics Department with a Bronze Active Schools Award. We are one of only 8 schools in the state to achieve Bronze, Silver or Gold this year and it recognises how we extend students beyond the mandated levels of the curriculum. In part, we have achieved this through competitions such as Have Sum Fun Online and the Australian Mathematics Competition, both of which will be returning in Term 2. Students who are keen to be involved with these exciting and challenging competitions should keep their eyes and ears open for details in the coming weeks.

With regard to NAPLAN, our ongoing teaching practice equips our students with the skills to succeed and additional focus on the testing will occur as we get closer to Week 3. If parents and/or students of Year 7 and 9 students would like to complete additional preparation, then an extremely useful resource is the Education Perfect website. The school has now provided log in details to all of our Year 7, 8 and 9 students and work can be completed proactively in the NAPLAN section of this website. If students are unsure of how to find this, then they should see their teacher.

Education Perfect is being trialled across the lower school and is being used as an additional classroom and homework tool by our teachers and students. It is a great way to make use of devices and the feedback from students and teachers has been very positive thus far. It can be used as a tool for revision and extension at home in which students are enabled to work independently with self-contained lessons including written notes, videos and animations to help the students improve their grasp of topics. If anyone would like further information on how to make the best use of this valuable resource, then please contact the individual classroom teachers.

Another opportunity to revise and extend is the ongoing Maths Homework club in Maths Central after school on Monday's. All students are welcome, just bring along your homework or other math problem's and a teacher will be there to assist if required. If any student wants additional work to complete they should organise this with their classroom teacher beforehand.

Mr J. Giddings, Maths Teacher

showcasing our talent

Showcased in our Administration area is artwork produced by some of our talented students at LSHS. Below are some of the artists with their amazing artwork.

Photo 1: Lanxian X. - Year 8, Photo 2: Jacinta C. - Year 9, Photo 3: Emily P. - Year 7, Photo 4: Tegan S. - Year 9 , Photo 5: Elizabeth F. - Year 12


As Term 1 draws to a close I would like to acknowledge the positive efforts of our music students and make mention of some of the many and varied activities that have happened across the term.

Year 7’s are now settled in and are now attending both Class Music along with instrumental lessons in small groups with our IMSS staff. There has been some fantastic work completed by these students and all of them have already completed rhythm-ensemble compositions and performed them within class!

On March 3, our Year 11 ATAR Music students Hannah Van Der Velde and Max Parish. attended the UWA ATAR Music Workshop held at the Callaway Auditorium at UWA. This workshop allowed them to participate in a performance of their set-works alongside professional musicians. They also received some of the best analysis available given by Professor Alan Lourens – head of the UWA Conservatorium. Professor Lourens is a musical expert who is entertaining to listen to and injects great wit and humour into his presentations.

UWA Auditorium

You may have noticed our Certificate II Music Industry students setting up and managing sound/audio for school assemblies. These students are involved in a bunch of ‘real world’ activities which include using sound/audio equipment, performing, music production/ technology, and more. Recently we crossed into the world of STEM – and were building synthesizers in class using the Korg Little Bits Synth Kits (see pictures below). These students will be adding great value to our school across the year as they get a taste of what it’s like to work in the music and production industry.

Finally – thanks to the Jazz Band who completed their first performance this year at Open Day. They provided a very positive picture of students working together while creating a high-standard of music. We have welcomed several new members to this ensemble for 2019 and this includes the addition of our vocalist – Mufaro Mugwenhi – which will broaden the range of repertoire we’re able to perform. There are several opportunities available for students in all ensembles to perform across the year, and I look forward to hearing more as the year continues!

Mr G. Ryder, Music Teacher

Open Day - Jazz Band

Physical Education and Health Education

Swimming carnival 2019

Grady is our Swimming House Champion for 2019. This has finally broken the run of Findlay who had won on the five previous occasions. Thank you to all swimmers that have competed over the last few weeks Well done to all the Champion swimmers and Runners-Up in each year group. Some fantastic results have been posted and the list of records broken in 2019 is included. In all 24 new times were set by some outstanding swimmers. Well done to you all.

Swimming C Division Results 2019

Leeming competed in the C Division Interschool Swimming Carnival at HBF Stadium on Tuesday 19 March 2019. Despite not having competitors in all events and unable to fill some relay teams the students performed superbly throughout the day to take out Second place. This has earnt a team promotion to B Division in 2020.

Stand out performers on the day were Adrian F. (Year 7) who won four A Division events and Ben M. (Year 8). Both boys were Champion swimmers in their age group. Jordan B. (Year 7) and Mason B. (Year 9) were Runner-Up Champions while Yi-Lin T. (Year 8), Keely T. (Year 10) and Johann N. (Year 11& over) also performed well and finished in Third place in the individual champion award.

The Year 8 boys were able to win all four divisions in the 50m freestyle and went on to blitz the field in the relay to win by a massive margin of 18 seconds. The performance was matched in the final event by the Year 11 and over boys who won in a close race to lift the team from 3rd to 2nd ahead of Kent Street.

Other amazing efforts were from Jordan B-C., Keeley T. and Tamika B. who swam events with only minutes rest in between to ensure we had swimmers in events.

A special thanks to Mr Boughton who has overseen the team this year and Mrs Graham for her help and for keeping the team motivated during the carnivals. We look forward to next year as we step forward into the higher grade. Well done to everyone. With only a 5 point gap to Third every single swimmer made the difference today.

Swimming C Division Results 2019
Swimming C Division Results 2019
Interschool Individual Year Champions 2019
Interschool Swimming Results 2019

Mr S. Ellis, HOLA Physical Education and Health Education

Student Services

Cyber safety parent evening

On Monday, 25 February Paul Litherland presented to 75 interested Parents and Guardians who wished to understand a little more about their child's online world. Paul has been presenting to our students at Leeming for the past 5 years as part of our Cyber Safety Education Program. Students in Years 9, 10 and 11 were involved in presentations earlier this term on 13 March.

A word from our presenter:

I am a former Western Australian Police Officer of 20+ years (1993 to 2014). Over the last 5 years of my career, I worked extensively in the field of Technology Crime, where I worked directly with children and adults who were the victims of Online Crime. During this time I came to realise the very limited resources available to students, parents and educators on the subject of Internet Safety.

In particular, those organisations, or self proclaimed "Cyber Safety Experts" offering information sessions, lacked the appropriate content and relevance to what is happening in the real online world and the true concerns parents and schools are having. More importantly, they lacked the knowledge in exactly how Social Networking works physically and forensically and what can be done to minimise the risk to our kids. With that in mind, I set about targeting a number of schools in my local area offering advice and presentations on my experience, knowledge and insight into the dangers of the online world.

Mr Paul Litherland

Paul’s parent session looked at social media, online gaming, security settings, sexting and online grooming and blackmail. In addition to presenting to parents and students Paul has been working hard to introduce legislation to State Parliament to minimise the online distribution of “nudes’. This legislation will have a focus on teens so that victims of Image Based Abuse are addressed. This legislation is said to come into effect this year so watch this space.

Our partnership with Paul has shown positive outcomes for our students and we will continue with student presentations to Year 7, 8 and Year 12 students this year.

Some helpful Safety tips:

How to help minimise the risk of overexposure to network marketing:

  • Turn off GPS or Location Services when posting online
  • Avoid showing links to your home, school, work
  • Become familiar with Trackware and Indexing - analyse how they work
  • Do not post links or usernames of your networks
  • Never use "Remember my password"
  • Open your facebook on one browser whilst surfing for another
Year's 10, 11 and 12 Online literacy and numeracy assessment (OLNA) March window completed

Between Tuesday 5 March and Friday 22 March, a number of Year 10, 11 and 12 students were involved with sitting the Online Literacy and Numeracy Assessments (OLNA) here at Leeming SHS.

The OLNA forms the basis for the successful completion of the Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE) - upper secondary achievement across Years 11 and 12. Without the successful achievement of OLNA, a student cannot achieve WACE or secondary graduation.

Any student that has not achieved Band 8 or higher in either the Reading, Writing or Numeracy elements of Year 9 NAPLAN must sit the OLNA assessment in whichever element/s they achieved lower than Band 8. Students that have achieved Band 8 or higher in the listed elements are deemed to have "prequalified" and therefore do not have to sit OLNA (they have already achieved the minimum requirements of OLNA).

During the March window of OLNA, Leeming SHS had 107 Year 10 students, 22 Year 11 students and 6 Year 12 students sit either the Reading, Writing or Numeracy elements of OLNA.

Can I firstly thank the students that were involved in OLNA for their diligence in both preparing for and sitting the relevant element/s of OLNA. This is an extremely stressful and daunting period for these students, as they understand the importance of what they are attempting to achieve. Well done to you all.

Secondly, can I thank the English and Maths Departments here at Leeming SHS for the work that they did in both preparing their students for OLNA (during and outside of school hours), and in managing the students during this assessment period. This is an additional responsibility on top of their already exceptionally busy educational workloads. My sincere thanks to these staff.

As a school, we will receive the students' results from the March window of OLNA by late May (the assessments are marked centrally and then disseminated back to school). Families will be informed of results once this has occurred.

Unfortunately, for those students that have not achieved OLNA at that point, they will need to re-sit the relevant assessment/s during the September window of OLNA (there is a March and September window of OLNA each year from Years 10 on wards). The relevant families will be informed of these requirement prior to the assessment.

If you require further information regarding OLNA, please feel free to contact me to discuss this matter.

Mr V. Bryan, Student Services and VET Manager Years 10 to 12

Uniform Shop

The Uniform Shop's opening hours are from 10.15am until 1.45pm every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. When visiting the uniform shop, please sign in at the main administration building. If you have any queries please don't hesitate to contact the Uniform Shop Staff on 9237 6858.

The following items are now in stock:

  • Scarves $10
  • Tracksuit Pants $35
  • Tracksuit Jackets $55
  • Clearance on Jumpers $25 (size 9, 10, 12, 22, 24 and 26)
Our two Lovely Uniform Shop Staff - Pauline and Joanne

Health Centre

Wishing all students and parents a safe, happy and healthy Easter Break and School Holidays.

national day of action against bullying and violence

The National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence, held on the third Friday of March each year, is an opportunity for Australian schools to highlight their everyday work to counter bullying and violence. Friday 15 March Leeming SHS supported this event with a FREE breakfast that was offered to all students and staff by the Chaplain and Nurse. Free wristbands and stickers were given to students. Thanks to the Staff that supported this event on this day and got on the Bullying No Way website – teaching about bullying. Teachers used the many opportunities that presented throughout the school day to discuss how people behave in various social situations, dealing with conflict, and how people get on with each other. Learning about bullying — what it is, why it happens and what to do about it — within everyday classroom activities reinforces school values related to respect and inclusion. It also communicates to everyone that bullying is never okay.

national ride2school day

Leeming SHS celebrated active travel day on Wednesday 20 March. Many students supported this event by either walking or riding to school. A healthy, free breakfast and freebies were given to students. Parents please continue to encourage your children to walk or ride to school every day while the weather is still good. Reasons why we encourage this?

  • Students feel fresh and alert at the beginning of the day
  • There are fewer cars around the school which eases 'drop off congestion'
  • Students are more likely to reach the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity they require each day
  • Students feel happier, healthier and perform better in the classroom
Head lice control

Parents are reminded to please check your child’s hair frequently for head lice as these little critters appear every so often - even in high school! Here are some tips for preventing head lice;

  1. Check your child’s hair regularly for head lice and eggs (‘nits’). Use a metal fine tooth ‘nit’ comb and plenty of hair conditioner applied to the dry hair, to make the task easier and more effective. To help children sit still for this, offer distracting activities, e.g. play a favourite video, provide games, encourage reading, offer a head massage.
  2. Tie long hair back. Braid long hair and/or put it up if possible.
  3. Consider applying hair gel or mousse. These do not prevent or repel lice but may help to keep stray hair strands from contact with other heads.
  4. Avoid sharing combs or brushes.
  5. Remind your child to avoid head-to-head contact with other children, e.g. when working at the computer with others, or when playing, or hugging.

If your child has head lice please notify their teacher. For more information: The Head lice Fact Sheet is available on the following website;


Students unwell at school

Parents/ Guardians are encouraged to action the following;

Students who are ill during the day should inform their classroom teacher or report to the Nurse or Student Services. The School Nurse works 4 days per week. If the student needs to leave the school and return home, the Nurse will contact parent/caregiver then send to Student Services to be signed out. Please observe the protocol by following these instructions. Students should not contact their parent/caregiver prior to speaking with school staff and no student is to leave the premises without the appropriate leave pass. Please keep your child home if they are unwell.


Parents and students are reminded that the nurse is NOT allowed to give paracetamol or other medication to students. Parents/Students are reminded that they can bring a dose of paracetamol to school to take if they have pain. E.g. Headache, period pain, toothache etc.

Mrs D. Kitak, School Nurse

Chaplains Chat

Year 7 cricket match

Year 7 Cricket Match

This Term a group of Year 7 Students ran a cricket match during lunch time. This consisted of two teams of 6 players, 2 innings of ten overs and a selective set of rules making it a very fast paced game. The teams were:

Fish Sticks
  • Captain: James B.
  • Vice: Ryan M.
  • Daniel G.
  • Raymond N.
  • Harrison M.
  • Grace G.
  • Captain: Mitchell R.
  • Vice: Campbell C.
  • Liam S.
  • Dylan A.
  • Jamie W.
  • Emily P.
House captains umpires
  • Sophie B.
  • Grace P.
  • Jye P.
  • Hunter M.

The Match went over four lunch time breaks and the results were the Fish Sticks all out for 25 with the Parrots being victorious on 27 and a loss of only 3 wickets. The players of the Match were Liam S. and Emily P. in their powerful batting partnership. Well done to both teams and the umpires for a great game.

Mr C. Hough, The Chaplain

chaplains connecting - morning tea

Carl and myself, along with Judy Semple and our Local Chair person Glenys McKinnon of the Willetton, Rossmoyne and Leeming Youth Care council/neighboring Youth Care coucils met with Ben Morton; our local member of parliament.

Vangi Evangeli, Carl Hough and Bettina Carter discussing the work Leeming Senior High School and the Education support provide to their students on 31 March 2019.

Mrs B. Carter, Chaplain

Our next Newsletter will be published on the 21 May 2019. Until then, remember to contact us should you have any queries.

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