Rockoholic By: C.J. Skuse

Summary: Rockoholic is about a troubled teen, with problems only her deceased grandfather understood. Jody the main character fell in love with the lead singer from a rock band called The Regulators. When Jody's best friend Mac scored tickets to one of their concerts, Jody was more than excited to see her "future husband" in person for the first time. The next day Jody finds the lead singer in her garage and turns out that not only did she kidnap him ,but he didn't want to leave.

The illusion of Jody having a concussion and her kidnapping a lead singer on drugs.

Personal Review

I think a lot of people could enjoy this book. When reading you can experience what the main characters are feeling. There is a lot of scenery so when reading you can also see in your head as well. I liked how bold the characters are and how the content is very real world context. As in there are parts in the story that have explicit mature details. I feel as though the book is so good that you don't even notice how long the chapters are. People could probably relate to it, maybe not how the actions happen in the story, but relate to the character's emotions, which is the reasons behind their actions.

Top picture on left: The burgers represent when Jody took her kidnapped victim to burger king. Top picture on the right: A picture of the Big Ben, which is a clue that they live in the U.K. The bottom picture on the left: It represents the escape of Jody kidnapping her victim. The bottom picture on the right: It shows the flag of where this story is taking place, which is England.

This represents the guitar the lead singer played at the concert on the night he was kidnapped.


"Don't Dream It, Be It"- Said Jody's grandfather.

Quote: "Its magic Jody. You look after that"- Jody's grandfather gave Jody a moon rock before he died.

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Ashley Holland


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