Bullying Lucy hughes


A letter to the editor.

Dear Editor,

Currently there is a really big issue about bullying. Bullying is happening online and at school and it should stop! Bullying is really harmful and often we don’t know it is happening because the people getting bullied don’t want to make it any worse. Action needs to be taken. Would you take action or would you not worry about it? Action should definitely be taken, so the bullying stops.


Bullying should stop! There are so many people who get bullied. No one wants to be bullied? Getting teased, hurt, being sad every day, this is how people feel when they are being bullied, it’s not a nice thing at all. You’re probably thinking why should it stop? It should stop because bullies are people who are putting nice and friendly people in a different positon, they’re making them feel sad, hurting them and they basically control you because you’re not strong enough to tell them anything so it’s like they’ve taken over.


People get bullied a lot, it could be online or even in the playground in the school. I really don’t like seeing people getting bullied, so I want to be like a guardian angel and be helpful to someone and I hope you’re the same. You could make someone’s day or even make the bully not be mean and hurt people. Bullies don’t stop because they know you won’t do anything about it or say anything to them because you don’t have the confidence to do it.


45% of people get bullied before the age of 18 and about 16 000 people are away from school because of bullies. I think everyone should take this serious and schools should too.


The way you can help someone that is getting bullied is to talk to them about it and help them. You can include them and let them play with you at recess and lunch or sit next to them in class. Don’t let people bully!

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