Colliesonline.com RING PATTERNS June 2019

Welcome back to Ring Patterns, the Colliesonline.com feature in which we re-cap, month by month, the general achievements of the breed at specialties and all-breeds throughout the country. In June, at the all-breed shows, collies came away with 2 Reserve Best in Show awards, 39 Group placements and 24 National Owner-handled Series placements.

The Reserve Bests in Show were awarded in Bainbridge, New York and Vandergrift, Pennsylvania and went to roughs: CH Kiriko's Rock Star and GCHB Overland By Request. The judges were Frances Moffat from Argentina with 520 dogs in competition and James Noe with 416, respectively.

Collies accrued 39 Herding Group placements with 5 Group 1 awards going to roughs: CH Kiriko's Rock Star, GCH Overland By Request and GCH Tapestry Southern Cross. The judges who selected the collie as the top herding dog of the day were: Butch Schulman, Charles Trotter, Frances Moffat, Barbara Alderman and James Frederiksen.

A total of 24 collies recorded placements in June – 18 roughs and 5 smooths. Other placements included 14 Group 2s, 14 Group 3s, and 6 Group 4s. Of all the placements, the Rough Variety came away with a ribbon 32 times compared to 7 for the Smooth Variety.

Group placing collies total 24 in June

GCHB Country Cove Hay And Honey was awarded two Group 2s during the month under judges Beverly Capstick and Stephanie Hedgepath.

Roughs placing in the Herding Group – 18 (11 dogs - 7 bitches): CH Longview Highcroft Houdini (D), GCHB Heatherfield Legacy Of Love (B), GCHB Wild Wind's Rev On The Red Line RA (D), Highcroft Taradells Raining Allegations (D) Longview Highcroft Maximus (D), GCHB Valley Park Serendipity At Baldwin Ridge FDC CGCA CGCU (D), GCHG Scalloway's Lion Hunter (D), GCH Sylvan Argent Fireworks (D), GCHB Highcroft St. Germaine Wildfire (D), GCHB Overland By Request (B), Kaymanns Madame Zola At Sirena (B), Ceilidh's Born Of Fire (B), GCHB Country Cove Hay And Honey (B), Maverick Windscape Winter Shadows (B), GCH Tapestry Southern Cross (D), GCH Valley Park Barnstormer (D), CH Kiriko's Rock Star (D), CH Kaymann's Madame Hydra (B)

GCH Swan's Grand Jete' Of Tercan was awarded a Group 3 on June 14 at Sangre de Cristo Kennel Club in Albuquerque, New Mexico under Polly Smith.

Smooths placing in the Herding Group – 5 (3 dogs - 2 bitches): GCHS Travler Sugarnspice Witches Do Come Blue (D), CH Skye Blue's Rock And Roll All Night (D), GCHB Tamaron's Raise A Little Hell (D), GCH Swan's Grand Jete' Of Tercan (B), CH Creekwood Cindy Lou Who (B)

GCHS Travler Sugarnspice Witches Do Come Blue was awarded three Group 2s and one Group 4 in June under judges Raymond Filburn, Cheryl Paterson, Elizabeth Muthard and Phil Marsman.

The largest number of herding dogs shown at a show in which a collie placed was 152. It was the first day of the month at Flatirons Kennel Club in Longmont, Colorado. The award was a Group 3 and it went to the rough dog, GCHB Wild Wind's Rev On The Red Line RA. The Herding Group judge was Gail Forsythe.

National Owner-handled Series thrives

Herding Group judges placed collies 24 times in the AKC's National Owner-handled Series. The placements included 8 Group 1s, 2 for the Rough Variety and 6 for the Smooth Variety. Smooths took 14 placements and the roughs took 10.

On June 6 at Shenandoah Valley Kennel Club, GCH Mello-D's Shadows and Light was awarded an NOHS Group 2 under Polly Smith.

NOHS award winners for June: GCHB Heatherfield Legacy Of Love, GCHS Breezy Acre's In Your Face, GCH Carealot's Hamish Of Skye, GCHS Chrysalis Wyldrose You Dirty Rat HT, CH Carealot's Something Special, Castlebar's Celtic Ballad BN RI HT CGC TKN, GCH CH Wild Wind's Too Good To Be Tru RI, CH Mello-D's Shadows And Light, Wild Wind's Shine Bright Like A Diamond, Highcroft Danrosues Tauriel, GCHB Special Eye On The Mark, Rosehaeven's Eclipse At Wrenwoods RATN, CH Wilde Manor's Picture Perfect, CH Sugarnspice Creekwood Ha Cha Cha, Kaymanns Madame Zola At Sirena, CH Colebrae I'll Stand By You Of Silco RI CGCA TKA, CH Romany's Curb Your Enthusiasm, CH Travler's Revolutionary Lancelot CGC, GCHS Wild Wind's Rev On The Red Line RA, Lora-Lin's It's Elementary My Dear, GCH Wild Wind's Too Good To Be Tru RI.

Congratulations to all."

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