Good Life Nature Activity By: Justin Lane

Nature on Display

There were many exhibits in the Natural History Museum that amazed me but there was one that especially caught my eye. It was the shark's mouth exhibit shown above in the picture. The immense size of the mouth is what really stood out to me. It made me realize that predators on Earth can come in many different sizes but all have the same dangerous ability to endanger you. While walking through the museum, this exhibit really stood out because of how large it was in relation to many of the other exhibits. This exhibit taught me that in the natural world, animals can range from many different sizes and still have the same effects on an ecosystem or environment. I found my experience at this museum to be very enjoyable because I really enjoy studying animals and their unique characteristics that help them adapt in their habitats.

Nature and Ethics

A common problem throughout society today is human treatment of wildlife and the environment. The amount of pollution that builds up over time from humans is awful for wildlife animals. My experience at the Natural History Museum changed my perspective on how I view the environment. It made me realize that this is a strong issue that must be resolved to protect the environment and its habitants. The exhibits that displayed the concept of endangered species and extinction was key in changing my perspective. The museum allowed people to connect with nature because the exhibits are extremely life-like and provide you with so much beneficial information. After experiencing this museum it changed my mindset on how I feel about the environment. It made me feel like taking responsibility to help improve the status of the environment.

Nature and the Human Spirit

Similar to Heschel and the Sabbath, the experience at the Natural History Museum allowed me a break from ordinary life and school to appreciate the role that nature plays in society. Many people view nature as a great way to avoid the stresses that come with everyday life. Personally, I believe activities involving nature in any way are very stress relieving. It sometimes provides us with a great place to think and reflect about our lives without the effects of outside aspects. It helps us better appreciate the world that we live in because there are so many different aspects in the natural world. It really shows that everything and everyone in the natural is unique in their own ways. Sometimes nature can be very mysterious and allows you to be curious about the natural world. Nature and acceptance of its beauty is a crucial aspect to obtaining the Good Life.

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