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Mark Zuckerburg is the CEO and co-founder of the social networking website, Facebook, and one of the world's youngest billionaires.

Mark was born on May 14, 1984 in New York. He left Harvard is sophomore year to concentrate on the website.

The website grown to more than 250 million people, making Zuckerburg a billionaire. The birth of Facebook was later portrayed in the film The Social Network.

“With a generation of younger folks who have thrived on the success of their companies, there is a big opportunity for many of us to give back earlier in our lifetime and see the impact of our philanthropic efforts.” —Mark Zuckerberg
In 2005, Zuckerburg's enterprise boosted because of the venture capital firm Accel Partners. They invested about $12.7 million into the network.
Seems Zuckerburg is going nowhere byt up, however, in 2006, the business had to go though some hurdles.

Zuckerburg was accused of stealing the idea from the creators of Harvard Connections. Zuckerburg claims that his ideas were based on two very different types of social networks.

Later lawyers searched Zuckerburgs records and revealed that Zuckerburgs may have intentionally stolen the intelluctual property of Harvard Connection and offered Facebook user's private information to his friends

Zuckerburg apologized and said,"If you're going to go on to build a service that is influential and that a lot of people rely on, then you need to be mature, right?" he said in an interview with The New Yorker. "I think I've grown and learned a lot."

The settlement was $65 million was reached between both parties, but the disputes continued until 2011. But Facebook continued to grow and succeed despite all the criticism.
Time magazine named him Person of the Year in 2010, and Vanity Fairplaced him at the top of their New Establishment list. Forbes also ranked Zuckerberg at No. 35—beating out Apple CEO Steve Jobs—on its "400" list, estimating his net worth to be $6.9 billion.

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