6 component project

Geography and cities: It affected Ancient Greece because then there mountains had rocky soil which meant it was harder to grow there crops. So that meant it was harder to mass produce their crops because the soil wasn't as good to grow with. But luckily they had a mild climate so in some places people could grow crops. The crops you could grow wheat, barley, olives, and grapes. But if they weren't able to grow their crops then they always had meat to eat in case they were running low on crops. They had sheep, goats and things that live in the sea. Greece's location was important because it was a pinisola. This is important because they were rate next to a sea so that gave them lots of good things. One example is that then they would have another way to get food and gave people ways to make money. Also some of the cities that were important to Troy, Metus Delphi, Corinth, Thebes, Mycenae. This is because then there soil will be more moist.

Art:One type of art is epics. Epics were long poems that were told about heroic deeds. Also a poet named Homer wrote epics in the 700 B.C. He would write them about the stories of a war between Greece and the city of troy. This war happen where is now in northwestern Turkey. The second art that I'm going to talk about is fables. A fable is a very short tale that teaches someone a lesson. I'n the majority of the Aesop's fables there about animals that act or pretend to be a person. Another fact is at the end of every fable it has to end with some sort of message or moral. One of the best fables in there time was "The Tortoise and Hare." This story is about a Tortoise and and Hare choose to race but once they were half way down into the race the hare was winning by a lot and decides to fall asleep and mean while tortoise is still going, and wins. MY third piece of art is drama. Drama is a story that multiple actors that pretend to be different characters in the story. Also to be an actor you have to be able to speech show emotion, and intimidate all of the actions that the character represents. My fourth piece of art is an comedy. In comedies there are always happy endings. Also are supposed to be full of funny things. My final piece of art is tragedies and comedies. These pieces of are used in theaters that are outside and is used as part of their religious festivals. They also both ended sort of sadly. These types of art impacted Greece because it teaches them things and answers there questions. The three main questions are "What is the nature of good and evil"? "What rights should people have"? "What role do gods play in our lives"? This impacted Greece because then their answers were answered so they knew what happened and what the questions meant. I also think they impacted Greece because they told stories about what people did in the wars. This probably impacted them because then they would learn what these people do for them. The Greece ideas spread into the southwest part of Asia and northern Africa. This happened because a man named Macedonian spread all of there ideas where ever they went with his army. Challenge: Yes they are. One reason that I think this is because without them inventing these then we wouldn't have all of these things to do. For example without comedy movies and shows then there wouldn't be as much things to laugh at and enjoy.

Organized governments: missed day of school so you said i could choose one ungraded part to skip so i choose this one

class divisions:A citizen I'n Greece was a person who have rights and responsibilities. Another right was that you could only be a citizen if you were a free native-born men who owned land. My third law is because people had the right to vote for who they believe is going to be the best leader. My final laws are that they were able to hold office, own property, and defend themselves in court. Also the Greeks were different from other ancient civilizations because they were the first people who ever used citizen ship and they were the creators to. Were Mesopotamia and Egypt one example is that most people were used as if subjects. So that is different because when teaches there people terrible and basically gives them no rights were Greece gave there people rights to do things and they weren't treated as poorly. My second reason is reason why they're different is because Greece had citizen ship were Mesopotamia and Egypt just had a ruler who controlled everything. My next reason is because Greece got to vote for who they found to be the best leader out of them all were Mesopotamia and Egypt didn't get to choose who they believed as the best leader. I think that after reading this the main idea of Greeks citizen ship is to keep people from leaving and to make everything equal as possible. One reason that I think this is because all of there laws are voted on by the people so then the majority of those people will enjoy that law. Challenge: One advantage is that more of your people will like the decision made. Another advantage is people can feel like they actually mean something. My final advantage is One disadvantage is people may feel like they can be in charge. Another disadvantage is not all people know what there doing so they could choose a bad option. I think this helped Greece because then there people would be more happy which means they would work harder.

Writing Systems:Greeks alphabet had 24 letters in it they all stood for a different sound or noise. This made it a lot simpler for their people. Also the Greeks weren't the creators of the alphabet instead they got it from a good trade partner Phoenicians.

Religion:One belief that the Greece have is they believe in the afterlife. They would believe that there people would go to a nice beautiful world beneath the earth with a god who was the ruler his name is Hades. The second belief the Greeks had is that certain things will happen no mater what you do whether its bad or good. The final belief is that they believe the gods and goddesses ruled and controlled nature. In result of these beliefs many things could happen. One example is Croesus declared war against the Persians because of there beliefs.

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