Nature's View Clinic An Equine facilitated journey of self-discovery and healing with Bruce Anderson

Reawaken your Passion • Empower your Dreams • Release Stressful Habits • Live with Natural Grace

A Windhorse Path Workshop at Shymmerin Woods Sanctuary in Ahoskie, North Carolina. June 7th (7-9 PM), 8th (9 AM - 5 PM), and 9th (9 AM - 4 PM)

ideal for adults looking for new strategies for dealing with stress, overcoming blocks, or wanting a better relationship with a horse. It is also highly recommended for anyone who works with youth, (teachers, law enforcement officers, social workers) or anyone with a stressful occupation.

Nature’s View is a unique program developed by Bruce Anderson that uses the natural ability of horses to show humans the challenges that can keep them from living their most fulfilled life. Horses provide a present moment opportunity for us to see how we treat ourselves inhumanely and how those actions often lead to self-sabotaging behaviors. Nature’s View allows you to understand that not all habits are a reflection of the real you but a body memory or mindset that keeps you locked in patterns that are no longer beneficial.

In this clinic, Bruce will lead participants on a journey of awakening to those old patterns and provide the tools to recalibrate the muscle memory, to establish new and empowering patterns for a sense of renewed self-confidence, balance, and energy.

This introductory clinic is ideal for adults looking for new strategies for dealing with stress, overcoming self-defeating patterns or wanting better relationships with themselves or others. It is highly recommended for anyone working with youth (teachers, law enforcement professionals, social workers etc.) or anyone in a stress filled profession.

Participants must be over 21 & do not need prior horse experience. This is not a riding or training program. It is an equine facilitated learning experience.

Bruce Anderson

Bruce Anderson grew up on the West Indian islands of Trinidad and Tobago and it was there on the family cocoa and coffee estate that he began his relationship with horses. He learned to ride on the estate and then represented his country on the National Show Jumping Team. From there he moved on to breeding farms at home, in the U.K. and in the U.S. While in England, he earned an agricultural degree and in the U.S. worked with racehorses in Florida. He eventually moved into the hunter/jumper show circuit. Bruce and Julianne currently make their home in Camden, South Carolina, where Bruce started his present path, the evolution of Nature's View equine programs. They work in Camden, and around the southeastern U.S., with counselors and mental health professionals, law enforcement agencies, school and church groups. Bruce also enjoys working with horse owners and their horses to assist them in building better relationships.

To register for the workshop or for more information, contact Kelly Crockett at 757-472-4722 or kellycrockett@me.com.

Workshop Fee: $375.00 includes breakfast and lunch on Saturday and Sunday and Dinner on Saturday. Accommodations are available locally (5 minutes from workshop). Accommodation list will be provided upon registration. Space is limited. Workshop deposit ($100) due by June 1, 2019.
Shymmerin Woods Sanctuary in Ahoskie, North Carolina, owned by Kelly and Tom Crockett, is the home of Windhorse Path Conscious and Compassionate Horsemanship and Windhorse Photography.

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