Father Joseph Scolaro Honoring #HeroPriests

Father Joseph Scolaro, Notre Dame, Hyde Park, NY

Submitted by and photos by: Nicolas Castelli

During the pandemic, Father Scolaro went above and beyond to keep the community together. He held virtual events on Facebook live, such as “Stump the Priest” (a q&A about Catholicism), Bible Studies (Genesis & Matthew), virtual Holy Hours, Masses, Holy Rosaries, and more. Father also did in-person events following the directives at the respective times, including a Eucharistic Procession through our entire parish territory, Drive Thru Confessions, Easter Sunday House Blessings (500+ houses), a Marian procession with rosary spots, drive in Masses, an outdoor Corpus Christi adoration, outdoor Holy Hour , Assumption Procession, and Young Adult Masses at our grotto. Father has many more COVID friendly events planned for the fall at our parish. During quarantine, he also called every single parishioner to check in.

Father Scolaro has given the parish hope. He kept the Faith alive during a time where many were stressed, anxious, and thirsting for God. He did what ever was in his ability at the given circumstance to bring the Faith to the people of the parish. He has shown people that a genuine love of Christ and His Church can’t be squashed by anything, even a pandemic.

Personally, I am a young adult (21) discerning the priesthood. I live in New Hyde Park and work closely with Father Scolaro. Through this pandemic, Father Scolaro taught me what it means to live the priesthood and be a true pastor. Everything he does is rooted in prayer and faithful service to Christ and His Church. Father made it his priority to make the faith present to his people and evangelize however possible given the circumstances at each moment. He didn’t stop once the quarantine was over. He continued to, and still is, working to make the parish a lively place rooted in Faith. He is a true humble and enthusiastic servant of the Lord.

All of these things can be found on the parish Facebook page. The parish website is notredamenhp.com. Photos can be found here.