Spotify wrapped recaps an entire decade of music and more Emma dantas '21

Hurrying to their classroom for next period, students packed the hall shoulder to shoulder with AirPods plugged into their ears. They subconsciously do the usual four clicks to open the Spotify app and start playing their everyday playlist. However, as the app launches, they notice a brand new playlist in the ‘Recommended For Me’ section called ‘Best of the Decade For You.’ As users eagerly shuffled the playlist, they are taken through a daydream of the entire decade led by familiar melodies.

Spotify Wrapped’s latest release allows users to recap their decade by showing them data of how many minutes they listened to music, their tops songs and that specific users’ ‘Artist of the Decade.’ The data shared recapped a decade of music and podcasts for all Spotify users.

Users were given information regarding their top artist and how much time they spent listening to that specific person. Photo credit: Emma Dantas ’21

“I think its cool to look back on old music I’ve listened to and see how my music taste has changed over the years,” Jillian Levin ’21 said. “I also was able to rediscover older songs from earlier in the decade.”

After Taylor Swift was announced as the ‘Artist of the Decade’ at the 2019 American Music Awards (AMA), Spotify denoted each users Artist of the Decade based off of user data inside the apps software.

All around the school, word was buzzing about who everyone's artist of the decade was. Some even took screenshots of the data Spotify gave out and posted it on their Instagram or Snapchat stories for friends to see.

Three of the most common names labeled as ‘Artist of the Decade’ amongst the Staples community were Taylor Swift (matching the AMA results), Drake and Post Malone.

Students were able to view their Spotify Wrapped on their phones or computers. The Wrapped story took you through the season and showed one how their music choice changed over the year. Photo credit: Emma Dantas ’21

“My artist of the decade was Travis Scott since I have liked and listened to his music from the beginning of his career,” Henry Portman ’21 said. “My favorite part of Spotify wrapped was seeing how much music I’ve listened to over the years and how that number has increased and changed.”

Spotify also gave users data on how many minutes of music they listened to this year, and compared it to previous years on an animated graph. They also reported how much time was spent listening to a person's top artist and users’ favorite songs. While most people are currently swayed towards rap and pop, others in the Staples community also listen to country.

Spotify informed users on the amount of minutes they spent listening to music this year. Users were also shown a graph on this screen that compared their minutes to that of previous years. Photo credit: Emma Dantas ’21

“I think that it’s super cool to look back on how my music tastes have changed and what artists resonated with me even though my artist of the decade was Walker Hayes,” Kate Coyne ’21 said.

After looking through the results from ones Spotify wrapped, the app also complies a playlist of the listeners top songs in 2019, including recommendations. Additionally, a playlist was made consisting of songs an individual listened to from the past ten years.

Spotify also generated more than three playlists for each individual user based off of what they listened to in the past. One of these playlists called ‘Best of the Decade for You’ incorporated songs one listened to over the past ten years as well as some songs recommended to the user through Spotify’s app data. Photo credit: Emma Dantas ’21

“[Spotify Wrapped] also gave me a great excuse,” Coyne said, “to listen to a playlist of all my favorite songs throughout the years.”


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