Edgar Allan Poe Setting Study

Setting is TIME & PLACE. Edgar Allan Poe lived in all of the PLACES below.

Question 1: How do you think moving around to multiple cities in less than 30 years impacted his idea of home?

Edgar moved all over the country: Boston, New York, Baltimore, and West Point.

Question 2: Notice that three of these settings are urban cities. How do you think this setting impacts what the author may choose to write about?

TIME: He was born in 1809 and died in 1849.

Question 3: When Edgar Allan Poe was a child, the United States was at war. How does this setting contrast how children should view the world? How might that have impacted Poe's writing?

Question 4: As Edgar is dying, the United States is once again at war. Around the same time, Fredrick Douglas publishes "Narrative of the life of an American Slave." How might these two events have impacted Poe's perspective of human relationships?

"The Cask of Amontillado" takes place somewhere in Italy.

Question 5: How does the depiction of "The Cask's setting"reflect the setting Poe grew up in?

We do know the time of day was dusk though which is part of the setting.

Question 6: How does the time of day reflect how Poe might view humanity based on the events that occurred during his life time?

We also know that it takes place during a carnival as depicted here.

Question 7: Based on your vocabulary practice, how does the Carnival relate to the time of day?

They also walk through catacombs which adds to the tone and mood of the setting.

Eventually, they end up in the wine vaults which date as far back as 1500BC

Question 8: How do the Catacombs and the Vault reflect the idea urban life?


Information about Poe from http://www.biography.com/people/edgar-allan-poe-9443160

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