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This year, 2016, has been an extremely eventful year. Many nice things have happened. Many bad things have happened. There is never just one side to a coin, yet why is it that throughout the years, the negative always shines brighter the good. It's easier to find a sad person than it is to find a truly happy one. The scars left on us because of these bad events stick in our minds more so than the blissful moments in our lives. There exists so many events that deal with violence, issues, and just painful moments in our lives. Sadly the bad outweighs the good, if in quantity only. The events are so numerous, you can proceed to see major events that happen every month... even though in reality.... they happen every day.


January 6th- On this day, North Korea detonated its fourth nuclear bomb since the year 2006. The country later proceeded to made an announcement on their media of it being their first successful hydrogen bomb testing. This became major news because a hydrogen bomb is a weapon of mass destruction that can cause greater harm and devastation than that of an atomic bomb. This threat was increased by the fact that North Korea has been a isolated and heavily communist country with a history of being aggressive and uncooperative with the rest of the world, leading to immediate concern to national safety. South Korea, among other nations, immediately spoke out and claimed that North Korea's possession of this weapon is "a grave provocation to [their] national security". This event was of major importance and required major attention despite there being no concrete evidence of the weapon being an actual hydrogen bomb and the facts surrounding the event being cloudy. The above picture is an image from North Korea state TV that shows their leader Kim Jong-Un signing off on the hydrogen bomb testing. This image utilizes three major rules of composition: simplicity, focus, and background. Although the image is not a cinematic masterpiece, it is not overly crowded, the focus is on the important subject ( Kim Jong-Un), and the background is set in a official and simple background, again giving focus to the subject, allowing for the image to be pleasing to the viewer.


February 9th- Venezuela had been hit by a drastic change in climate called El NiƱo. This change caused a major drought to occur to the country. On this day, the government had to ask more than 100 malls to close their doors, in order to save energy. This energy rationing is done in the hopes of helping to resolve the problems at the hydroelectric plants that had been affected severely by the drought. That being said, Venezuela being such a poor and violent country, the malls are sanctuaries for some of the people and a necessary source of income for others. This caused this event to be highly controversial. The image above is of Venezuelans waiting outside of closed stores at a mall in Caracas. The mage uses lines to bring focus and interest to the main subjects.


March 22nd- On this day there were a total of three planned suicide bombings in Belgium. Two of these occurred at the Brussels Airport located in Zaventem, and the other occurred at the Maalbeek metro station in central Brussels. It was reported that bombs packed with nails were set off in order to create havoc. 32 people were killed, not including the three suicidal perpetrators, in the bombings, and about 300 people from around the world were injured. This was an attack made by the terrorist group ISIS, which had attacked Paris not so long before. In the image above you can see a man visiting flowers of a victim in the attack. The rule of thirds, aided by leading lines, was used to bring focus and interest to the subject.


April 25th - As previously stated, ISIS is a terrorist group that causes great harm. Thus on April 25th President Obama announced that 250 more U.S troops would be sent to Syria to aid in the fight against such a threat. Obama stated that these troops would include special forces but that they were only there to train and aid the local forces. This was highly stressed possibly due to the fact that Obama believes in his previous statement that another country overthrowing another's government would not lead to resolution. Thus those troops are not expected to engage in combat or participate in kill teams, but will aid in helping the local forces drive out the terrorist group from main areas. In the image you can see Syrian children just surviving, while Syria awaits for help after an ISIS attack. The image uses focus, patterns, background, rule of thirds, and simplicity to add interest and focus to the children suffering due to ISIS.


May 28th- You may know Harambe as a meme of the internet, but that is not solely what he is. He became a nationally worldwide figure after a 3 year old child recklessly entered the gorillas habitat at the Cincinnati Zoo. Although no actual harm was done to the child, he became restless and flustered and started wailing. This caused the adults to panic and make a decision to put Harambe down because of the potential harm that could have happened to the child. This case brought attention to the amount of incidents that could occur at Zoo's and the negligence of the mother. After all, it was a meaningless death. #RipHarambe2016. The image above uses the rule of thirds in order to bring focus to Harambe.


June 14- This marked a day for scientist. The first mammal made extinct by human-induced climate change was announced. Researchers in Australia state that the Bramble Cay Melomys, which is a rodent, was the only mammal that was specific to the Great Barrier Reef and was now extinct. The change in sea level caused by humans is what drove this little rodent to extinction. As his island shrunk he had to compete for food and resources with seabirds and turtles, and simply could not. This is important to science because, again, it is the first documented case of a mammal going extinct because of humans and shows their affect on extinction in real time. The image uses rule of thirds to bring focus to the poor creature.


July 7th - On this day 5 police officers were left dead in Dallas, Texas. In the recent years there have been many Black Lives Matters movements to try and put a stop to the recent deaths of black people due to the presence of racism. Cops have shot and killed innocent men and have gotten away with little to no real punishment. On this day, there was another one of those protests but this time, Micah Xavier Johnson, a military veteran who served in Afghanistan, shot and killed 5 white police officers. He died by a bomb detonated by the police. This retaliation was his sole goal. Upon further investigation, his home was full of bombs and other deadly weapons. The image above uses the rule of thirds to put emphasis on the Dallas officers in a dangerous environment.


August 9th - This day marked, not a day of violence, but an act done against it. On August 9th Irom Sharmila ended the worlds longest hunger strike, in India. 16 years long, for 16 years she was on strike. A lick of some honey on her palm marked the end of it on this day. She had been so adamant about her strike that the government had apprehended her and forced a feeding tube into her nasal passage for over a decade. This was allowed because of a law forbidding suicide. She began her strike in 2000 and was protesting the India's Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) which allowed officers to search properties, detain suspects without warrants and even shoot on sight, which led to 10 dead civilians. The image above is one that uses rule of thirds to bring focus to her.


September 19 - On this same month the US and Russia had agreed on a cease fire in the country of Syria. That being said, on this day an airstrike hits a United Nations Convoy in Aleppo, leaving 20 Syrians dead, and 31 truckloads of medicine and food destroyed. The US blames Russia for the attack. Russia blames terrorist. The ceasefire is over. Fighting stars again. The image above of an aftermath of an attack in Syria, and the image uses rule of thirds and leading lines to bring focus and attention to the buildings damage.


October 7th - On this day The Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to Juan Manuel Santos, The current president of Colombia, for his attempts to end a 52-year civil war between Colombian government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, otherwise known as the FARC. The FARC being a known terrorist group. This being the longest running war in the Americas, his attempt to cease the war was greatly significant. That being said his proposed agreement was denied, and all of Colombia was devastated because they had only wanted peace and for the war to stop. That is why five days after the denial of this agreement, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, in order to nudge and aid in his struggle. The image above is of Juan Manuel Santos receiving the Prize and the image uses the flags as borders to bring focus to the main subject. The background and simplicity also aid in bringing focus to the subject.


November 8th - Donald Trump was elected the 45th president on November 8th. This outcome was surprising and unforeseen. It is unknown how he won after he came out of the gate saying insulting claims such as all Mexicans being rapists or criminals. This and his sexist and misogynistic views alone should have stopped him from winning. Trump still won. The image above shows rule of thirds, and focuses his face. Background also aids in this.


December 4th - Venezuela is a very poor country that faces many issues. Apart from the heavy drought that occurred not long ago, inflation is lowering the prices of the Bolivar. It now takes tons of bills to pay for anything. Thus on December 4th, Venezuelan government has issued a new higher note because the Venezuelan bolivar fell 60% in one month compared to the US dollar. Were the largest note was 100 bolivars, there now exists a 20,000 bolivar note. The most current struggle with this country is this issue with inflation. The image above shows a street vendor checking the validity of the bolivar. The picture uses focus and blurring (background) to bring attention to the main subject, the money. Simplicity also aids the image.

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