Native American Act By Alan Rea

Native American Proposal In the past recent years, The U.S Government and Native American Tribes have not been quite fond of each other. I Senator Alan Rea write in Pardon from the united states for our dishonesty and injustice forms in which we have caused to the original land owners of what we call our country. In the purpose of searching new resources and further westward expansion was accomplished by abuse of power and discredited Native Americans afterwards. We have put in order an act to overcome our history and tensions that we have put towards the Five tribes of the land.
In order to gain Native Americans Citizenship in the U.S., civilized meant he/she” was to live in houses, ride in Studebaker wagons, send children to school, drink whiskey Daily. Unlike the Dawes act that was established in 1887 meant break up tribes and apart them from the tribal community, our new system doesn’t require as much. Natives Americans wishing to accept citizenship under the United States government for the beneficial resources we have to offer such as civil rights, education and jobs, only have to agree to pay annual taxes and study our constitutional founding’s of our country. Only being optional to those who seek the American dream within themselves.
The fight between territory and borders of land has been a horrific scene from both sides. The fort Laramie Treaty in 1868 was forgotten after gold was found in the South Dakotas Black Hills during when we confined all Sioux to “Great Sioux reservation”. We ask for a reunion of all the 5 Tribes chiefs to geographically and equally divide territory and borders of the land that is agreed by all. Negotiations such as personnel not required to be in certain land, is allowed to be 1 kilometer from the border lines to return. The U.S also only ask for a reasonable number of routes for our country to travel/expand westward.
Concern for the fear of violence between natives and non-natives that both our people worry about will be controlled. Any crime or violence committed by one another will be brought into the court of justice system. Our law enforcement will be available in each town ‘To serve and protect ‘all even natives. To maintain safety of all, the right to bear arms in use for protection or hunting will be allowed for Both citizens and tribes.
Our government wishes to move past our history and move one to the future of what will come the greatest country in the world. “For the land of the free and the home of the brave “we will accept, respect and appreciate the Native American Culture. In hopes of having a mutual relationship of learning and teaching each other our ways of “life and pursuit of happiness”.


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