Black lives matter Nik Ruby & Sidney Coulter

Images showing Black Lives Matter protests.


1. Black Lives Matter

2. The first Black Lives matter movement began on February 26, 2012 in New York. This sparked a nation-wide appearance of marches.

3.They were started by the unfair, immoral killing of Trayvon Martin, a 17 year old male by a police officer. This is just one main account of the unfair racist treatment of African Americans by police officers nationwide.

4. These marches received a huge amount of recognition, and hundreds of thousands of people across America joined in.

5. The actions of the policemen and the protest and marches, were very successful in raising awareness, bringing the issue wide open into the public.


The Black Lives Matter marches have greatly impacted society, and are still affecting it today. They have created tension between African Americans and police officers and they have raised awareness on the issue of police brutality in African American communities. Black Lives Matter has influenced police all around the country, pushing them to change their ways. One thing that has been implemented is the increased use of body cameras by police increasing their credibility.

A sacrifice that individuals would need to make to be a part of this act of civil disobedience is being inflicted with moderate levels of physical harm and discrimination. Some negative consequences that these actions could result in would be, being fined and possibly, in the severest of cases, arrested. People who participate in civil disobedience alienate themselves from society by going against and disrupting the norms.

Civil disobedience is effective in causing positive changes in society because it promotes positivity and civilized protest within American society. It also provides a way to stand up for what you believe in, while conducting in a respectful and moral manner, instead of the formerly popular, malicious ways of protesting.


Dress Code

Everybody will break dress code on the same day and create a rally with signs and march through the school. This will be an organization. A negative effect of this act would be punishment for starting the rally. A positive effect would be influencing administrators into changing the dress code. Peers will view the act as a saving grace, while parents will have varying viewpoints depending on their personalities. The act will be motivated by the unrealistic speculations of dress in BCHS. The act received massive public attention and support and we were able to change the Boyle County High School dress code. The experience was amazing and was worth the risk. If given the chance to do things over, we would not change a thing.

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