1. I was walking through the streets of Verona today, and I had to break up another fight among the Capulets and us Montegues. Trying to stop this fighting is very tiring. Then to make it even worse, Tybalt shows up! I tried to calm him down but he continued to instigate the fight. I have been thinking about Tybalt´s character and could not figure out why he is always so mad!

My cousin Romeo is sadly depressed. He is shutting himself out from the outside world. He feels as if he has run out of love! I told him to move on from that Rosaline to another women. Oh I hope my cousin will stop moping around and find love and be happy again.

2. Today, walking along the street, Romeo and I were having a conversation and a man came up to us. He looked tired and worried. He went up to my friend Romeo and asked him if he can read. Of course Romeo said he could and started reading the list. The list contained all sorts of names and it turns out it is a list for a party.

It turns out this party is being hosted at Lord and Lady Capulets house. I also noticed that Rosaline was on the list and I had a splendid idea. Romeo, Mercutio, and I will go to the party. Then I will show Romeo that there are plenty more women to fall in love with than Rosaline. He will then be back to his old joyful self again!

The Letter That Lord Capulet Gave To His Servant

3. It is the night of the party. Romeo, Mercutio, and I are all wearing masks. Romeo is sadly still down in the dumps. I'm hoping that this party will show that there are still many more beautiful women in Verona. While I myself am hoping to find a lovely lady of my own. I think that this party will make all three of us happy again especially Romeo.

On our way to the party, Mercutio and Romeo got into a quarrel about dreams. Romeo believes that if you can dream it, it can happen. He says that fate will bring you to everything. Mercutio on the other hand, doesn't believe in dreams the slightest. He said that all dreams are nonsense and he wants nothing to do with them. It looks like we are going to arrive a little late but we should still have a great time.

My Mask For The Party Tonight

4. Mercutio and I were talking had an interesting conversation today. We were talking about how Romeo didn´t come home last night. He did not come home to his fathers so we didn´t know where he could be. Romeo still might be still crying about Rosaline and the plan might not of worked.Tybalt has sent a letter to his house. Mercutio thinks it is a challenge for Romeo to duel with him. I think he might be right.

Romeo arrived and he looked very joyful. The plan might of worked out after all. Then, a man and an older lady came to see Romeo. Mercutio and I started to tease Romeo about the older woman being his lover. But I have to say that I did not know why they wanted to see him. I will still ave to ponder it but maybe he will tell me later on.

5. Sadly, this blog entry is not a happy one. I will tell you all what happened first. It was a hot day, and I begged Mercutio that we should leave because if we ran into a Capulet, then we should not escape a fight between us. Soon enough Tybalt shows up and Mercutio and I both know that he is always looking for a brawl. It turns out that Tybalt did not want to start a fight but he was looking for Romeo. Of course Mercutio didn´t trust him and he took offense to this.

Romeo came and Tybalt started to call him a Villain. Romeo said that he is not a Villain and he has to love him. I do not know what this could mean. Anyway, Mercutio and Tybalt started to fight and Romeo tried to stop them both. It was too late. Tybalt stabbed Mercutio and know he is dead! Then Romeo acted out of fear and then he killed Tybalt. Romeo ran away but then the prince and some Capulets came. I explained what had all happened and the Prince came to this conclusion: Romeo shall be exiled from the city of Verona instead of being put to death. Even though that is good, two people are dead including my dear friend Mercutio.

The Scene of the fight


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