The Trump Moment How the british predicted trump

Waldo was a character created by the British TV show Black Mirror, in the episode "The Waldo Moment." He was essentially an animated puppet which after a brief stint running for running for prime minister of the UK became the ruler of the entire world.

After Waldo lost the election, his original puppeteer left thinking that would be the end of it. The problem was that it wasn't the voice, or even Waldo itself which won elections, but the ideas Waldo represented. So even through the original Waldo was gone, his pandering "F the System" motto was left behind.

Here the original puppeteer attacks the van parading Waldo around London. After this the man controlling Waldo pays people to attack him, eerily mirroring the events in some of Trump's rallies.

Trump's comparison start with how violent he was in his rallies, and ends with how successful the movement was as a whole. And while the episode aired in 2013 as a message against sensationalism and using imagery instead of content in politics, it held true throughout the election we just witnessed.

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