Stories of our Town. By:Rachael

Hi I'm Rachael and I'm going to tell you about the fires in Aylmer, and how it effected the people and buildings in Aylmer.

Guess what? A boiler exploded and it destroyed the shoe factory. It was the biggest fire ever! The explosion was massive and it took a long time to to stop the fire. No one was injured from the fire. The fire also destroyed a light plant. Disastrous contlagrgtion".. The Aylmer Express,(thursday october 14 1909)
Did you know that Old Town Aylmer had dirt roads? Aylmer had horseandbuggies for cars. Things are different because we have paved roads and cars to get around. The postcard shows us that there hoof prints in the snow. 2012-017-0011, Aylmer museum. Postcard, February. 28,2017.
Did you know that a building was torn down? Things haved changed in Aylmer because there were lots of fires in our history. The photo shows us that what the fire truck looked like back then. Things are different today because all of our buildings are new. Aylmer history 2003,17,Elgin county vertical file collection.Eigin county. Aylmer library march 2017 2.

We have less fires and it is a lot more safer in Aylmer because we have a lot more firefighters in Aylmer. Our town is really safe because we have lots of cops.


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