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I'm a Promoter of Live Music

A lot of time is spent waiting for the big moment; the moment when the lights are dimmed to near extinction and the music starts to tune. All that time you spent waiting for this moment doesn't matter anymore because it's here, you're here, and it's finally happening. It's this moment that makes me the happiest. Hello, I'm Lorena and I'm a big promoter of live music. I've been to concerts as small as those hosted in local coffee shops to big music festivals with thousands of attendees. Though these settings are different from each other, they both share the same passion that goes into performing.

kings of leon

Bill Graham Civic Auditorium

January 27th, 2017

I decided to include this concert to my website because this show led me to San Francisco. It all started when the unfortunate happened, I wasn't able to get tickets to the Los Angeles show. At this point I had given up on the idea of seeing Kings of Leon, but during a family party I was talking to my cousin and the topic came up. She was as upset as I was and we committed to attending the San Francisco show since it hadn't sold out yet. Two other cousins decided to join us for our little weekend getaway to see Kings of Leon. This concert has to be one of the most memorable shows I've attended because we made a trip out of this concert.

Hippie Sabotage at the Roxy
Awolnation at the Hollywood Palladium
Glass Animals at Coachella
Group Love at Coachella

Coachella 2017

This year's Coachella was special to me; It wasn't my first year, if that's what you're thinking. So what is unique about this years Coachella? Unlike any other concerts or music festivals I have attended, this year I decided to go to Coachlla alone. As crazy and strange as that might sound, my experience was as equally rewarding as if I would have gone with my friends. The second question that arises is: why did I go alone? It wasn't the lack of friends to go with but it's something I've always wanted to do. As I've mentioned before, I go to concerts all the time, but I had never gone to a concert alone and so I added "Go to a Concert Alone" to my bucket list and now we're here.

I headed towards Indo on Thursday night and made it to the campgrounds around 11:30pm. At first I was scared of what the weekend was going to hold for me, but I quickly became distracted with setting up my campsite. My experience off the bat with my next door neighbors wasn't the greatest which made me a bit uneasy. That night I decided to make my way over to the silent disco. For those who are not familiar with the silent disco, it's a stage in the campground village where you can experience a headphone rave from 1am to 3am. As I was dancing away the early morning, I bumped into my friends from school and needless to say I spent my first night at Coachella with familiar friendly faces.

The experience inside the festival was a mixture of things I liked and things that I didn't. One thing that I hadn't noticed prior to getting there was that I didn't have to miss out on sets that I wanted to see due to conflicting schedules of others. This to me was the best! My taste in music varies from rock to rap to electronic dance music but most of my friends don't associate with the rock genre which means I sometimes miss out on great bands. Being able to go to every set I wanted was definitely part of the pros. Another neat thing that came with attending Coachella alone was that I got to meet incredible people. Since I spent my time alone, I was forced to meet new people. I shouldn't say I was forced to doing so because most of the people that I met were friendly, easy going which made the process effortless. The thing I least liked about attending Coachella alone was that at times I did not feel safe. Big crowds aren't scary but during some sets the crowd got a bit to rowdy and pushy. If I had been with a group, safety wouldn't have been a big concern.

Overall, my experience attending Coachella alone was pleasant although it was very different to other years. If I had to choose between going to Coachella alone or with a group I would definitely choose going with my friends. Even though I had a blast this year, spending it with people you care is much better. I'm glad I can finally check "Going to a Concert Alone" off my bucket list.

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