A Guide to Being Canadian Andy Szun

Why would someone want to be Canadian? Here you will find the story of what life is like in Canada and why you need to come here soon.

Yes, it is very true, Canada has a lot of cool nature things and impressive landscapes. But how could you not brag about things like this?

There are many other stereotypes of a "typical" Canadian, the largest one is that we love hockey more than anything, and I am proud to admit that this is very true!

Canada vs. Switzerland at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics with a sold out crowd!

Throughout the winter you can always catch many children playing hockey with their friends.

Other stereotypes may be that we say some words that are different, like toque which is a standard winter hat, poutine which is a French-Canadian delicacy made of French fries covered in gravy and topped with cheese.


Not only is Canada strictly a place people go to see beautiful landscapes and experience the outdoors, but Canada has some amazing large cities as well. Cities like Toronto, Calgary, Montreal, and where I'm from, Winnipeg rival some top travel destinations around the world (shown above).

Canada is also know for it's very renowned culture and how it is one of the most multicultural countries on the planet! The Ojibway nation is most prominent where I live as there is a reserve called Sagkeeng an hour away from Winnipeg.

If you are enjoying what you see, and are not the most happy with the most recent election; feel free to come stay in Canada for as long as you would like! We'd be happy to have you as we are known worldwide for being nice.

My mom and I in Canmore, Alberta

If you are looking for somewhere to travel next and have an amazing time, I hope Canada crosses your mind!

~ All photos used are from Pixabay and said there were no attributes needed.


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