History of Neuroscience Samantha Akande

Who Is Pierre Broca?

Pierre Broca was a surgeon amongst many other things who used both anthropology and medical research during his practice. Also in the 1850's he studied aphasia also know as Broca's aphasia, which is a condition where the language is affected due to the brain.

Ideas By Modern Neuroscience

In 1861 Broca was the first to demonstrate an autopsy that a speech defect was linked to a specific spot in the brain, which is still believed today and known as Broca's Area.

A picture of the Broca's Area

Broca would examine individuals brains who had became aphasic. In addition, he suggested that language abilities were located in the frontal lobe region of the brain. However, even though Broca's findings was correct , modern Neuroscience illustrates that "he failed to grasp the limitations of thinking about language as a unitary function localized in a single cortical region."

Lastly his belief was "that the loss of the ability to produce meaningful language—as opposed to the ability to move the mouth and produce words—was usually associated with damage to the left hemisphere."

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